Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Apparently I'm in love,

With windshield wiper fluid.  So, I'm driving the work car this month and about a week and a half ago I ran out of windshield wiper fluid.  My friend Steph from work got another bottle and I filled up the car.  Well, we were out running a few office errands today and I went to clean the windshield, and what do you know?  I'm out again.  So, as I'm driving down the freeway I keep pushing the button because the windshield is dirty and nothing is coming out.  I am getting more tense by the second and Steph is just making fun of me.  We went back to the office and a few other people got in on the action of teasing me.  Whatever to them.  I just tend to be a very nervous person.  I was a little nervous on the drive home from work, so as soon as I got off of the freeway I went to the store and bought 2 bottles of windshield wiper fluid.  HAH.  (Dear Steph, thanks for giving me a complex.)  And, just FYI, I was clenching my jaw so much on the drive home that I immediately came in the house and put my retainers on so that I wouldn't grind my teeth.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm a Twitter-er.

I'm still not exactly sure what this means, but I have 3 friends so far.  If you to belong to Twitter and would like to chit chat, please add me.  My name is luxurydanielle.  DUH.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

You know you have problems when...

You actually have to turn off your computer and walk out of the room because that is the only way you can convince yourself that you don't actually need a D&B carrying case for you phone. I found this online and I REALLY think that I NEED it. But, I have measured my iPhone 3 times now and it is oh most definitely 4 and a half inches tall. WHATEVER to that!

25 Things About Me.

So, I've been tagged for this quite a few times now on Facebook. I finally gave in to popular demand. Here you go:

1. My favorite color is pink. Anything and everything.
2. I love Kyle Korver.
3. I wish I could be out of town EVERY weekend. I love traveling, but it makes me very anxious.
4. I prefer text messaging over actual phone calls.
5. I LOVE cars. My dream car is any kind of Porsche. I also love to drive.
6. I want to name by first born daughter California. No joke.
7. I love to buy beauty products that I don't need. This is a major problem.
8. I love to watch sports games and one of my fav shows is Sports Center. Weird, huh?
9. If I could do volunteer dental work for the rest of my life I would. (I need to find a sugar daddy in order to do this.)
10. My favorite word is luxury.
11. I would buy every Dooney and Bourke purse if I could.
12. I like to do 'boring' things as long as I am doing them with someone fun.
13. The fist thing I notice about a person is their teeth.
14. I'm not the biggest fan of sharing.
15. I shave my legs every day.
16. I loved the Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls when I was younger. (Ok, who am I kidding? I still love them.)
17. I do my hair and make-up pretty much every day.
18. I am the only one in my family with green eyes. I think I would look weird if they were blue.
19. My nickname is Danielley.
20. I tend to be an overly nervous person. (Especially when wicker reindeer are involved.)
21. Sometimes I have commitment issues, but once I commit to something I'm in it for the long haul.
22. I am a horrible singer but I love to sing really loudly in the car.
23. Technology really confuses me and I find that I end up calling the 1-800 help #'s a lot of the time.
24. I love lip gloss and tend to have like 5 in my purse at all times.
25. I wish I lived somewhere where it was warm all year round so that I could wear dresses and fancy shoes.


Dear Friends and Family, 
Today I offer you a challenge.  I am trying to find things to put in my room.  I have looked, but have yet to find anything that I love (this seems to be a problem in many areas of my life.)  Anyway, I thought that all of y'all would be able to help me.  I am looking for:

-a desk (pink, green or white/cream).  I was going to paint mine but I'm not so sure.
-a cute chair
-accessory pillows
-wall pictures, cute things to hang
-an armoire or some kind of hutch or chest or drawers

So, if you come across something in a store or online, please tell me about it.  I thank you in advance.  And remember, think pink!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I 'wish' I was spending the day with this guy.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I hate you then I love you.

My Jazz just pulled off an amazing win against the #1 ranked Lakers. I may have lost my voice a little from yelling "KK!!!!!!!!!" all night. It is a night like tonight when I love being a Jazz fan, but this has been a roller coaster season and I many nights I have gone to bed feeling rather disappointed. I think this gem from Celine Dion pretty much sums up my feelings.


I'd like to run away from you
But if I were to leave you I would die
I'd like to break the chains you put around me
And yet I'll never try

No matter what you do you drive me crazy
I'd rather be alone
But then I know my life would be so empty
As soon as you were gone

Impossible to live with you
But I could never live without you
For whatever you do
I never, never, never
Want to be in love with anyone but you

You make me sad
You make me strong
You make me mad
You make me long for you

You make me live
You make me die
You make me laugh
You make me cry for you

I hate you
Then I love you
Then I love you
Then I hate you
Then I love you more

For whatever you do
I never, never, never
Want to be in love with anyone but you

You treat me wrong
You treat me right
You let me be
You make me fight with you

You make me high
You bring me down
You set me free
You hold me bound to you

I hate you
Then I love you
Then I love you
Then I hate you
Then I love you more

For whatever you do
I never, never, never
Want to be in love with anyone but you

I never, never, never
I never, never, never
I never, never, never
Want to be in love with anyone but you

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shirtless Sledding.

Really, nothing even needs to be said.

I love,

This song:

So this is where Jacqueline goes every Thursday night...

One night while I was in Cali I spent the evening with my life coach, her assistant, and her associates.  (Ok, really I spent every night with them but I will just tell you about this one.)  We went to the Silver Palace and had dinner.  And then we were going to go to Wal Mart, but then the junior associate fell asleep in his car seat so we started to head home.  My life coach was not quite ready to return to the LGB so she told her assistant to drive to uptown Whittier so we could see Octo-Mom's house.  (Yes, this INSANE woman currently resides in my home town.)  On the way to see Octo-Mom's house (if you would like directions let me know), we drove by the Church of the Nazarene on College Avenue.  I glanced over at this sign and I told Don that we would have to stop on the way back to take a picture.

I knew in an instant that this sign was blogworthy.  I really want to know what is going on here.  Who attends this support group?  Who decides they have to attend?  There are a lot of questions I have about this and I may just have to place a phone call to the Church of the Nazarene to get a little more info.  In the mean time I am thinking of making fliers and handing them out to people whom I think could attend this support group!  HA!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm walking on sunshine.

I spent the morning here:
Jealous much?

*I will admit that it was raining, but it totally beats being stuck in Utah with the snow. (And it's totally sunny now!)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Ok, really I am not so glamorous right now.  I'm a hot mess and totally scatter brained.  If you could take a peek inside my head right now here is what you'd find:

-I just cut my lip on a sucker.   Brilliant.  At least it was a pink sucker.

-Packing makes me very anxious.

-My iTunes needs a major re-vamp.

-2  more minutes until I can print my boarding pass.

-How come no one texts me anymore??  I have unlimited texts people.

-I entered to win a date with Kyle Korver.  I don't think I won.  Whatever to that.

-Is it weird that I like to buy luggage?

-In a little more than 24 hours I will be with my life coach.  Also, I am bringing her and her assistant breakfast for Friday morning.

-I heard 'Home' on the radio on the way home from work.  But, it wasn't Michael Buble it was some country dude.  Stealer.

-Why do bad things happen to good people?

-I really think that I am 'growing' another set of wisdom teeth.

-The other day I thought I had lost my watch.  Luckily I found it like 10 minutes later.

-I need a manicure in the worst way.

Ok, I really have to start packing now.  Adios muchachos.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Whateva to that.

I have a giant pile of laundry on my window box.  (Ok, it's really not giant, I just really don't want to have to put it away.)  I just know that if I don't do it now, I'll think about it all night and won't be able to sleep.

Speaking of sleeping... This is my fav new song.  We all know I have a total crush on Jesse McCartney.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The good old days.

The other days I was talking to my life coach on my way home from work.  She told me how Haydan was already making plans for their summer trip to Utah.  Top priorities include:  going swimming at the Scera pool and getting a delicious snow cone EVERY night (ok, that may have been X-tina's request).  But, really I am so over to Winter and can't wait for those warm Summer nights spent with a cotton candy snow cone.

Loves it.

I bought this on etsy.com

I absolutely adore it.

Yee haw.

Sometimes a girl just needs to be a little country. I kinda love me some Brad Paisley. No really, I do. Don't laugh.

(John Mayer pretty much makes every situation better, right?)


So, as many of you know, before I went to Texas I moved upstairs.  It is very interesting going from having a bathroom of your own to sharing one with 2 teenagers, but I think I'm dealing with it quite well.  The best part of the 'move' is that I totally got to redo the room in the process.  My dad said I could paint the room any color I wanted, so what do you think I said?  Why, pink of course.  I picked the color and then I left for Texas the next day.  When I came back this is what the room looked like:
At first I was a little shocked, but it has really grown on me.  Duh, it's like my fav color.  Also, I got to design the 'cutest' headboard for my bed.  It's being made right now, hence me only photographing the one corner of my room.  (Plus, my bed may or not be made right now.)  And, I get to go pick out a new flat-screen!  (If you have any suggestions, please let me know.)  I'll post more pics when everything is done.
I got this applique here.  I thought it was very luxury indeed.  

P.S. My room always smells like cotton candy (or my Pink Sugar perfume) thanks to this.  I put the 'Sugar' smell.