Sunday, June 29, 2008


Remember playing MASH when you were little (or Jac, when we played last month, haha)??  Well, here is MASH for your computer!  Yay.  Why am I so easily amused by this?  I think it's the best ever!
Here are my results:
I will marry my beloved KK (Kyle Korver).

After a wild honeymoon we will settle down in our fabulous MANSION in England.  (Remember how what kind of house you got was pretty much the most important thing!)

We will have 28 kids together.  (Hey, I can't complain.  I'd even have them all naturally!  ;)

We will zoom around in a black Suburban.  (Unfortunately I didn't get the luxury Escalade!)

I will spend my days as an Orthodontist and live happily ever after.  (Precious!)

Ok, so this is definitely fun.  Do yours and tell me what you got.

Conversation with my Life Coach

I was outside studying my GIANT DAT book.  My life coach walks out and the following is said:

LC: What are you doing?
Me:  Studying.
LC: Why are you doing that?
Me: Because I need to pass the DAT.
LC:  Whatever.  What are you learning about?
Me: Artificial propagation of plants.
LC:  I know how to propagate.  I'm pretty much already a dentist.  You can call me Dr. Brenier from now on.

HAHA.  X-tina is seriously one of the funniest people you will EVER meet.  I am sorry that I had to come home and study, but I love you!


Sorry they are in random order.  I still have problems with blogger.
Mr. Naughty Business.  Notice that he is fully clothed.
Camille with ALL 6 of the baby bunnies.
Gabby and Haydan doing Naughty Business in the car.
Haydan at swim lessons.
Gabel and Kimba at Downtown Disney in their matching shirts.
Gabby and Cameron Diaz hanging out.
Camille and Cameron.
Camille had a photo shoot in the back of the car, no one knew this until I just downloaded the photos.
Haydan all dressed up.
Fancy Nancy.
My new purse and wallet.  Luxury.
Bronte's fancy hair-do.
Gabs and I at the Venetian concierge lounge.  This is after waking up at 4 to take a 7 AM final and then driving 6 hours to Vegas.  Not luxury.
Gabs and Camille and the Canal shops at the Venetian.
The Hotel.  It wasn't that luxury.

Friday, June 27, 2008

I wish I still got $20 for every A

Haha. I made a lot of money back in the day. Well, I so totally got an 'A'in Evolution. Yay for me! I was thinking like B/B+, but I'll take an A any day. I shall tell my parentals and maybe I'll get a pat on the back. I did just get a brand new D&B purse and matching wallet for my graduation. It is very cute and I will post pics as soon as I can. I am still just hanging here in luxury Cali, trying to study for the DAT. The weather is beautiful. Ok, and in the NBA draft last night the Jazz drafted a guy who has the initials KK. I have a feeling that things could get confusing in Jazzland, but don't worry I still love MY KK. Ok, pics are to come.....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Luxury Update

My life coach has advised me that it is mandatory to blog today. I went to Vegas and it was a lot of fun, well the dental school part at least. Vegas itself is dirty and smelly so it was somewhat unluxury. We got their on Thursday night and checked into the Venetian. Our room was nice, but definitely not as nice as the Grand America (notice that it isn't called the 'Grand Venetian'). We were on the Concierge level, so that meant all the Diet Cherry Cokes you could drink during 'happy hour', so that was very luxury. The hotel was very faux-luxury. It had a facade, but I could tell that it really wasn't that nice. So, then on Friday I got up really early and headed over to the school. The building itself is very nice, but it really isn't in the best area. The first day was REALLY easy, I knew everything they were teaching already, so I got to help some of the other people with impressions and waxing because I am already an expert (and we all know that I love to be in charge of people.) So, then on Friday night we went to see Phantom of the Opera. The theatre was made especially for the show so it was very cool. The singing was not as good as when I saw the Broadway touring production, but that is ok. It was still very good. Then on Saturday I went to the dental school again. That day we did cavity preps and fillings (on fake teeth, don't worry) and I felt like a real dentist. I definitely still want to go to dental school. While we were down there, Camille's wire came out and I performed orthodontic surgery with a pair of tweezers, it was very professional.

Now I am down in California to visit my luxury sister who works at Disneyland. Last night she met Scarlet Johannsen and Ryan Reynolds. I having daily meetings with my life coach and we are evaluating a lot of my life situations. I wish that a certain 'Top Government Official' that I know would hurry up and come out here. Ok, I am sorry for the long post with no pics, but I assure you that I will get some soon.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sorry for the brief hiatus

I've been without a computer since Saturday night. My laptop freaked out and wouldn't turn on. After a trip to Best Buy and a phone call to HP, I discovered that my 'mother board' had a problem. So, the laptop is being sent in and should be done in about 2 weeks. Just for the record, this is the 2nd computer that Camille and Gabby have ruined in just over a year. I don't know what they do or what they download, but they could go into business ruining computers. So, since I would be without a computer for about 2 weeks and I am right in the middle of studying for finals, my dad and I decided that it was time to buy another computer. So, today we went and bought an iMac. It is very luxury. The screen is like 20 inches and there is no "tower", everything is in the monitor which is very cool. I am still getting used to the differences between a Mac and a PC, but the setup was SO easy. Even for someone like me who is mildly challenged when it comes to computers. I am still confused about setting up the printer and transferring my files from my iPod to the iMac, but I'm sure that eventually I'll figure it out. Camille and Gabby aren't allowed to EVER be on this computer. In fact they shouldn't even look at it. They can have the laptop when it gets back. This is definitely a good graduation present. But, my dad assures me that this is not it. Finishing college in 3 years has been hard, but the payoff is worth it!!

In other news, I got a new bedroom set. I seem to like to change my bedding a lot. I think this is the 4th one I've had in about 5 years. I just get bored and I think this is a great way to change things up. I still need to change the headboard and a couple of other things. I'm probably going to get a new bed and armoire and a flat screen. I'm thinking I'll go up to IKEA and see what they have.

So, Christina, now that I have made my room luxury and my bathroom luxury, you can come stay here again and feel like it is a luxury vacation.
So, I'm right in the middle of finals. So far things are looking good. I'll probably pull off some ok grades for this 6-week semester. That's such a joke, everything is crammed!!! I'm off to Vegas on Thursday for my dental simulation thing at UNLV so that should be fun.
I watched the US Open with my dad ALL weekend. He very much enjoyed it, I enjoyed getting to take some much needed naps! I don't understand why he says we have to watch ALL of the coverage, including watching Tiger on the driving range and putting range things, but we aren't allowed to watch the Jazz pre and post-game coverage! Whatever.
Ok, one more thing. If I buy a new iPod I can get a rebate from Apple since I already bought the computer. Only problem is I already have my iPod. But, sometimes I just like to have lots of things, so I might just have to go buy an iPod touch. We'll see.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

For Haydan, Bronte, and Savvy (& Fiona, but she won't care!)

My dad and I were running errands this morning and we saw this parked in a lot down in Provo. I told my dad we had to pull over and take a picture because all of the Fancy Nancy's would love it. If I was 5 I would have died if I saw this. It is definitely luxury!

Disregard the fact that it is for 'Onion Days' and that the carriage is a giant onion.

Friday, June 13, 2008

You know you have problems when....

I was flipping throught the channels on t.v. and noticed that it was Dooney & Bourke hour on QVC. I stopped to see if they had any cute purses and sure enough they did. There was this really cute blue one on the front of the table that caught my eye and I was like I HAVE to get that bag, it's so cute. So, my mind starts going 100 mph thinking that I need to tell my parentals that I want this for graduation and then I realize that I already have the bag in a different style. DUH!!!!!!! Hey, at least I know that I really like it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dean's List

I just got a letter from school saying that I made the Dean's List last semester, yet again. Congratulations are in order. haha.

I guess all the hard work paid off, because in the letter they said this sets me apart from all other students and means that I have the capability to go far in my chosen career. It was almost like a fortune cookie.

Now that Hillary's out.....

I was definitely a Hillary supporter. Say what you want, I don't care. Yes, I'm a liberal, but that doesn't make me a bad person. I promise. So I'm sad that Hillary's out. But, I think Bill just overpowered her campaign. So, now I am voting for Obama. I think he has a lot of great policies and a new direction that will take our country in a very good direction. On the other hand, if McCain wins, I really think the country may fall apart. I may even consider moving to Europe. Seriously. So, you can go on and on and debate the issues, but at the end of the day, which one of these couples would you want being the face of America?

Gross. Old. And, don't even get me started on the skanky wife.

Modern. Chic. Hope for America.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I have a few things that I need to dedicate an entire post to, but that will most definitely not be tonight. Running on about 5 hours of sleep for the past 2 weeks is beginning to catch up with me and I crashed and burned when I got home from work tonight around 7. I caught glimpses of the Lakers game while I was sleeping on the couch. I woke up in a panic about 20 minutes ago when I remembered that I have a paper due tomorrow morning at 8 am. Luckily it's mostly done, I just need to put the finishing touches on it. I feel like I'm living in a fog. Summer semester is very intense, about 3x as fast as the regular semester and I'm very glad that I'll be done in a few weeks. Maybe then I will have time to write something interesting. Until then, here's what's going on:

-I got the BMW back yesterday. I have to drive it for a week and then take it back in next Wednesday so they can run more tests and try to figure out what is going on. Morons.

-Peter, in my earlier induced delirium I saw that your boys barely pulled out the win. I guess 'The Machine' pulled it off after all. Oh, and some guy named Kobe. Haha.

-I have a life coach. I call her every few days and let her know what I am doing and to make sure that I am making good decisions in my life. She lets me know that I am luxury and that I am doing good things. She also invites me to come over for dinner every time I call. I would love to go but it takes about 12 hours to get to her house. If any of you, Peter, are in need of a good life coach please let me know and I'll get you Chrissi's contact info.

-Sometimes at work I feel like a complete idiot. This is mostly because I work about 1 day a week and my brain is so occupied by school that I forget how to do really simple things. Sometimes I just need people to explain things to me very slowly and clearly and then just maybe I'll figure out what I'm supposed to do.

-There is most likely another expedition to Cali in my near future. This trip may include taking the DAT. This is some advice that I got from my life coach.

-I'm going to Vegas next weekend where I'll get to act like a real dentist. Don't worry I won't be doing cavity preps on real people.

-If you haven't seen 'She's the Man', do yourself a favor and watch it. It's seriously one of the funniest movies, and if you know that a lot of their lines were improvised it's even funnier.

-As I sit here listening to my playlist, I realize how good it really is. You should all thank me for this.

-I really miss my Grandpa. A lot.

-I think it may be time to redo my bedroom, yet again. The bright pink is very luxury, but I think I need something more calming. Plus, now that I have a luxury bathroom I need to get my room up to par so that Chrissi can stay here and think that it is fancy.

-As I get older, I wish that I had a more laid back personality. I have a hard time just sitting around and doing nothing. I like to have a schedule and stick to it. Sometimes, like now, this drives me absolutely crazy. I work myself up so much that I stay up at night worrying about all of the things I have going on. Maybe living in Hawaii would solve this problem.

-I have a Dooney & Bourke lunch pail. I think it is very luxury, but some people at work, who shall remain nameless, make fun of me. Whatever to you. Haha.

-There is a girl in my Evolution class who comes to school everday with wet hair. She then proceeds to french braid her hair in the middle class. She does this EVERY DAY!!!!!!!! I have taken note and made sure that I am not just imagining this. It is in fact for real. Awkward.

-Ok, this should hold most of you off for a few days. For those of you, Chrissi, who like being mentioned I count 3 DIRECT references. Are you happy?

Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm a dork.

I found my iPod. It was in the pocket of my Jazz sweatshirt. I blame the Jazz for this since I usually only wear it on game nights. I sincerely apologized to Gabby, and I felt bad. I am just very happy to have it back.

So, today is my "day off". I don't have class on Fridays, which is very luxury. So, I decided to do a little cleaning. But, since I'm totally OCD, this turned into a huge project.

-I cleaned and organized the storage room and mud room and got rid of A LOT of stuff to bring to D.I.

-Cleaned out the entire garage and cleaned it. This took like 3 hours and was very dirty.

-Deep cleaned the kitchen, which is never a fun job.

-Now, it's 8:30 and I'm just getting done. I've been at it since 9 this morning. I'm tired and I'm in desperate need of a shower.

Graduation Gift?

I would be one very happy girl if I got this for graduation.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I'm seriously considering moving to New Jersey. The one in the middle is especially my type. Haha.

Life Update

Here is a rundown of what's going on:

-I got my passport. That means I can go on vaca after graduation.

-Only 2 more weeks of class!

-I have a test tomorrow. I'm SO sick of studying.

-I hate that everyone that works at my bank is semi-retarded.

-I hate people that don't know how to drive.


-I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never see my iPod again. I have set up an accont in my name and donations are being accepted for a new one. haha.

-I need a pedicure and a facial.

-I have no clue what I am going to do for the year after I graduate before I start dental school. Possibilities include: moving to Cali, going on study abroad, getting married. Haha, yeah right! But, I have some major decisions to make and I am totally not ready.

-I really need to study for the DAT. I'm taking it in 1 month. Yikes.

-Every time I go down to California, it is harder and harder to come back to Utah.

-I hate that I see someone I know every where I go in Utah. I love being anonymous in Cali.

-I miss my bestest friend.

-I am SO sick of Dooney.

-I don't even know what my neighbors look like, but I think they are very annoying.

Ok, that is all. I have to study now. One day soon I will have time to post meaningful, funny things. Until then, you'll have to deal with it.


I just got back from yet another quick trip down to Cali. This one wasn't strictly pleasure though. On Friday, I went to the new dental school in Pomona called Western University. It seems like a really good school, so we'll see how that goes. The only downfall is that it isn't exactly in the best neighborhood. Luckly, my Uncle Peter took me so I didn't have any problems.

I had lots of fun. This is what I did:
-Went shopping.
-Saw all the baby bunnies.
-Got Jac's car washed and gased it up.
-Saw the Lakers nearly sweep the Spurs. (Pedro, why don't you ever text me back?)
-Had a 'Bored' meeting in Chrissi's front yard.
-Went to a movie. Jennifer, we missed you.
-Went out to eat too much.
-Paid for Jac to eat everywhere we went. I don't get this.
-Encountered a lot of naughty business.
-Watched 'Eloise' with Haydan and Bronte. It was very fancy.
-Pretty much just hung out with my cousins.

Unfortunately I make "bad decisions" and I had to come back to school. But, don't worry. I'll be back in less than 3 weeks. haha.

Here is Mr. Naughty Business himself.

This is our "Bored" Meeting.

It's too bad these two are so camera shy.

Haydie and I. She couldn't be any sweeter.

Jimmy Buffett.