Friday, August 28, 2009

Growing up.

One day I will move out of my fancy pink bedroom (unfortunately). And, when that day comes I am going to need stuff. And not just stuff like shoes, candles and beauty products. Stuff that grown ups needs like plates and utensils and pots and pans. So, I decided that I would start acquiring this kind of grown up stuff. Last Spring Target carried a line of the cutest dinnerware. I couldn't help but to buy some:
It's plastic, but it's totally dishwasher safe so that's good. Right?
Then, my lovely cousin, Jennifer, sent me a giftcard to Anthropologie as a thank you. (I really should have been the one thanking her for letting me hang out with her cute kids.) I was 'so' excited to go on a little shopping spree. So, after much careful looking on the website I decided to purchase this adorable 'fleur de lis' collection of dinnerware:

Rest assured that when the time comes for me do move out I'll do so in style.

My next purchase:


Tres Chic.

Remember a little while back when I blogged about some very fancy shoes?? (Go here if you are a little bit forgetful.) I truly agonized about whether I needed to buy these shoes. They were so fancy, but in the end I just couldn't justify the $400 pricetag (Also, all of the reviews said they were horribly uncomfortable). So, I set out on a mission to make a pair of my own. I found the shoes down in Cali for $17 and I commandeered the flowers from an old wreath my mom had in the basement. I wish the flowers were more pink and less purple, but other than that I think I made a very good (and economical) decision.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dear Peeps,

As part of my recent boredom I have decided to conglomerate some recipes. I thought about making a cute cookbook, but decided that I am not creative enough to do that. So, instead I made a Google site. I am not quite sure what the difference between that and a blog is, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. So, I would like for all of you to tell me some of your favorite recipes. You can either write them here, or email me at Also, if you would like to be invited to my new site, please leave me your email address and I'd be very delighted to invite you.

*Believe me you'll want to be a member because I put a bunch of my mom's 'secret' recipes on there. Haha.


Dear Shacklyn,

Please come home soon. Here is a list of 5 reasons why:

1. I pretty much have no one to hang out with.

2. I need to borrow/steal some of your stuff.

3. I want to drive your car.

4. Someone needs to be around to tell me I'm crazy.

5. I really want those shoes your are bringing for me.


P.S. While going over our cell phone bill from last month I noticed that I had 470 sent/received texts. You had 3,175. I thought I texted a lot...

Just listen.

The video is dumb, but how can you not love Mr. Buble?


Saw this on Friday with my mom for her birthday:
Absolutely adored it. It was simply beautiful. I now am inspired to cook and visit France.

In one particular scene in the movie Julie and her husband are sitting in bed and there are these lovely state prints over their bed. I've looked on Etsy and can't find anything similar. If you see the movie keep an eye out for these, because you'll want to go out and buy them.

P.S. I have the biggest crush on Stanley Tucci.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

If you need a good laugh,

Look no further than this clip. Seriously, I could watch this over and over again and still be hysterically laughing. It's from one of my favorite movies ever, 'She's the man'. One time when I was watching the movie I probably pushed the rewind button 20 times at this part. It's just really funny. (And it doesn't hurt that you get to see Channing Tatum without a shirt.)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Listen to this,

and try not to fall in love with Mr. Mraz.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

22 1/2 years later...

My dad was going through some old boxes in the basement and found the hospital bill from when I was born. After insurance and everything I only cost my parents $175.50. He then told me that I was a very good investment. (Awesome.)

He also found a family group sheet (family tree). I found out that I have a distant great-grandmother named Thankful. How cool is that?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

What are you reading?

I like to read, and I prefer to read good books. Duh. So, I would like to know what books y'all are reading now, books you have read recently and books that you could read over and over again. I like to have a long list of books in que so that when I'm done with one I can go right to the next one. (Also, if books are popular then I like to get on the wait list at the library quickly so I don't have to wait forever.) I am currently reading this:

I'm trying to finish it before next weekend so that I can go see the movie. It's a good book, kind of hard to get into at first though (and there are some parts that are a little racy). But, overall I would recommend it.

So, please leave me your suggestions. Thanks.

Oh where, oh where, could Danilee be?

If you guessed Wyoming you're right. I spent the majority of this past week in the 'Cowboy State'. Did you know that Wyoming is the least populous state in the nation? Neither did I until I went there and saw how small the towns are. But, don't worry, I was not in Wyoming for a great adventure. This was strictly a working trip (I did manage to squeeze in time for a pedicure though.). We've had some changes recently in our SLC office and so responsibilities have shifted around and I am now in charge of some of the financial things in the office. So I went up to our Rock Springs office to get training since I've never, ever done anything financial before. Thank goodness the ladies up there were so nice and patient. I now feel like I actually have a clue as to what's going on. The true test will come next week when I actually have to start applying what I've learned. Wish me luck.

Luckily they have luxury sunsets in Wyoming.
You'll have to 'big' this pic up so you can see all of the wind thingies in the background. It was a little creepy to come up over a hill and see hundreds of them in the distance. For a second I thought there was an alien invasion going on. haha.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oh, Jesse

This is definitely a stupid song. Shacklyn, please listen to the whole thing. It will seriously make you LOL. ("You're scent is sweet like Betty Crocker").

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Note to self:

I was looking at at a magazine the other day and it had these blue damask chairs in it. Something very similar to the chair above. I almost died because I wanted the chairs 'so' bad. Please note that one day when I have a fancy house I will have these chairs in it.

We all know,

That Dani-lee loves pink and things that smell good. Therefore I am all about this new scent at Bath & Body. I got the candle and the room spray today. Also, available:

the perfect car accessory. I have sweet pea in mine. Loves it.