Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh where, oh where, could Danilee be?

If you guessed Wyoming you're right. I spent the majority of this past week in the 'Cowboy State'. Did you know that Wyoming is the least populous state in the nation? Neither did I until I went there and saw how small the towns are. But, don't worry, I was not in Wyoming for a great adventure. This was strictly a working trip (I did manage to squeeze in time for a pedicure though.). We've had some changes recently in our SLC office and so responsibilities have shifted around and I am now in charge of some of the financial things in the office. So I went up to our Rock Springs office to get training since I've never, ever done anything financial before. Thank goodness the ladies up there were so nice and patient. I now feel like I actually have a clue as to what's going on. The true test will come next week when I actually have to start applying what I've learned. Wish me luck.

Luckily they have luxury sunsets in Wyoming.
You'll have to 'big' this pic up so you can see all of the wind thingies in the background. It was a little creepy to come up over a hill and see hundreds of them in the distance. For a second I thought there was an alien invasion going on. haha.


Jacqueline M said...

haha. Oh yes the wind thingys you were freaking out about.

Amy said...

As odd as it sounds, I am a bit jealous you got to go. I miss Green River a bit...crazy!