Monday, July 28, 2008


Let me just say this.  I think that the best birth control for an unmarried woman is babysitting.  For real.  After spending the day with a bunch of kids, I am so glad that I don't have any of my own yet.  But, I'm not complaining because I was babysitting at the pool.  That's luxury.  Plus, the kids were being total goofballs and doing all kinds of random things off of the diving boards.  And, I met a very nice lady today and talked with her for a while.  So, all in all I had a good day.  I hope that this is coherent because I am fighting to keep my eyes open.  I'm off to bed.  Bon soir.

One day,

When I'm a real adult I'm sure I'll look back on staying up all night studying with fondness.  Until then, I'm just really, really tired.  I seriously can not wait for the next 2 weeks to be over.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Girl's Night Out.

Disclaimer:  I was tempted to title this post "GNO", but by doing so I think I would be admitting that I actually have listened to a Hannah Montana song, so I decided not to do so.

So, I had a pretty luxury day today.  First I went Go-Kart racing with my coworkers for a team building activity.  It was a lot of fun, except for that it was dirty and the helmets smelled and I got tire stuff all over me.  But, I did have fun hanging with my homies (Steph and Emily).

Then, I met my mom and some friends up in the SLC and we went to dinner and then to a concert at the Conference Center with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and The Osmonds.  It was very luxury.  Mostly because we had like 3rd row tickets and cause we totally got backstage.    Anyway, I was very impressed with the fact that The Osmonds have been around for like 50 years and they can still put on quite the show.  The lady that was sitting next to me came all the way from England to see them perform, and she cried the whole time.  I thought that was very touching.  So, anyway, I think if I was a young girl back in the 60's I totally would have been a Donny Osmond fan.  He sang this one song called "Whenever you're in Trouble" and it may just be my new fav.  I find it to be very motivational.  Listen here:
My madre and I attempting to take a photo in front of the temple.  Too bad my camera doesn't like to capture pictures at night. 
Taking an illegal photo in the Conference Center.
This is my mom and our neighbor friends Chandra and Angela.  They are a lot of fun to be around and I think I get along better with them moreso than girls my own age.  For real.
Ok, here's another illegal photo of the stage.  I had to take it without the flash, cause otherwise I would have been yelled at.

Friday, July 25, 2008


I just pressed a button on my luxury iMac and it started talking to me.  It was creepy too.  It was kind of like the one time when I was driving the Escalade and I accidentaly pushed the navigation button and the lady was trying to tell me that I was headed the wrong way.  Technology can be annoying sometimes.

On another note, there are some major trade situations happening with the Jazz right now and I am just hoping that my boyfriend is not involved in any of them.

Also, Christina, I very much enjoyed talking with you today.  Please tell your employees at the LGB that they need to step it up and do some work so that you aren't tired anymore.  When you come to visit me you won't have to do any work.  

Also, I got a new giant thing of Pina Colada gum today.  That is very luxury because it is my favorite.

The End.

This is embarrassing.

Ok, so this has been circulating around for quite a while and I finally took the time to check it out.  It's a blog my an LDS lady totally making fun of all the other little LDS mommy's who blog about being "seriously" so blessed.  The blog is actually quite funny.

But, we all know that we have read actual blogs that are exactly the same but are being completely serious.  I hope that I will NEVER do anything like this.

(For the record, none of my blogging friends have blogs like this, so don't be thinking that I'm making fun of you!)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thanks ya'll.

These luxury flowers are from my wonderful friend Shannon.  (She is the only person who sent me flowers after I finished my life test.)  Shannon likes me to blog about her and then leave comments.  Maybe I would blog about other people if they would leave me comments.  

Ok, so Shan and I have been friends since I was 12 and she was 14.  She is 2 years older than me, and I like to remind her of that.  Highlights of our relationship include:  loving the BSB and *NSYNC (I loved Kevin, she loved Lance, but I ALWAYS knew that Lance was gay and I told her this all of the time), going to 2 BSB concerts, and 1 98* concert (like 10th row, we almost touched Nick Lachey), one year for my bday Shan's gift to me was that I got to open one of the NSYNC barbies (marionettes) from their box (this was a joyous day, and I chose Lance), Shan and I used to have massive collections of memorbilia (this is actually quite embarassing), one time we made up this dance to 'Bye,Bye,Bye' and performed it for a radio station to try and win NSYNC tickets (we lost), we used to make videos and change our names and pretend that we were going to send them to Carson Daly at TRL, we also made videos in the orchard pretending to be the 'Blair Witch Project', and a great one about the 6th sense (Note to self: never give teenagers access to a video camera), during one such video we seriously thought there was a ghost in the house (it was actually just the way the lights were reflecting off of the floor because of the camera settings), we like to watch lame Mormon movies together, I can always bribe Shannon with food, we have experienced many awkward single's ward moments together, she understands my love of KK, one time we went to BYU together, one time Shan was dropping me off at UVSC and her car died, Shannon speaks french (luxury), she totally understands my lingo and tries to adopt it into her own life.

Ok, I know there is a TON more, but it is late and I have to go to bed.  Ya'll, you know what, we have been friends for a long time and that is luxury.  Now, please leave me lots of comments.  Ciao

Jed Clampett's Homeboys.

Please turn on this YouTube video and listen while reading the explanation to the above picture of the large electric blue vehicle.  (Turn off my music at the bottom first.)

So, I'm on my way home from work and I'm on the phone talking to my cousin, Jackie.  All the sudden I look in my rear-view mirror and see these 2 hillbillies in a giant truck behind me.  I tell Jackie about it, and move on to the next subject.  A few minutes later the truck passes me and I see that not only are there the 2 fine men in the front seat, they also have a comrade sitting in the back of the truck bed.  The young man in the back is bald, but then when he turned his head to the side I noticed that he had what appeared to be a mohawk made out of pins coming out of his head.  It was just fascinating.  I so wished I could have had an up close pic, but I was too scared to get one, for fear of my life, that I had to settle for something farther away.  Ok, so they were hillbillies and they had a passenger in the BACK of the truck going 80 mph on the freeway.  Does this not sound crazy to anyone else?  Needless to say the did drive by a highway patrol car but he was already busy ticketing someone else.  I was quite speechless after this incident.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Customer Service

Why is it that most people in the 'service industry' are so grumpy and unhelpful?  I have had this happen to me over and over again and I still find it very frustrating.  I had one such experience this morning.  I had to call this 1-800 # concerning something about my dental school applications.  I just wanted to make sure that I had done everything correctly and that it was showing up in their system.  I had my conformation # and everything.  So I call, and the first person tells me that it isn't showing up on their system, so I ask her a few more questions and she finds what I am trying to tell her about.  But, she shows something different than what I have.  So she transfers me to another lady.  This lady has a very thick southern accent and was very condescending from the moment she started talking.  I asked her my question and she proceeds to explain (while talking to me like a 3 year old) that the lady I just talked to didn't know what she was talking about because she has that file and no one else knows anything about it.  Ok, then.  So, I finally get my question answered, I did everything right, and my DAT scores will be sent out.  That's all, I just wanted to double check.  Can you blame me?  I mean, this is like a major life thing.  I understand that they probably get sick of people calling with these types of questions, but that's what they're there for.  The money I am spending goes toward their paychecks.  This is why I don't understand why 'customer service' people are always so rude.  The only company with consistently good service I've experienced is JetBlue (shout-out Suzie.)  Don't even get me started on the people I have to talk to whenever I have computer problems.  (Hi this is Tyler, thank you for calling HP, how can I help you today?   Really, Tyler.  You don't sound like a Tyler.  Interesting!  Don, you know what I'm talking about!)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Watch this.

I laughed, cried (not really) and really loved this movie.  It was a lot better than I thought it would be and it resembles my life in so many ways.

Light Speed to Endor

Sometimes I feel like my life is running at light-speed.  Seriously where has all of the time gone?  Apparently, my cousin Jenn got married 9 years ago today (Congrats!).  I still don't know if this is quite true because I swear that this could have happened like last month.  Jenn had a very luxury wedding and I remember it very well, even if I was only 12 at the time.  Highlights included:  Jenn having a hair catastrophe the morning of her wedding, Grandpa being electrocuted on the elevator in the temple, Chrissi being 8 months preggo and about to pop, beautiful flowers, yummy food and lots of dancing.  So seriously, where has the last 9 years gone? 

Apparently I did the following:  went to middle school and got a 4.0 while there, spoke at my middle school graduation, went to high school, was my Sophomore class president, took driver's ed and almost failed the test because of speeding on the freeway (HAHA), got my driver's license, got my first car (green Jeep Wrangler), hated high school, took a bunch of AP classes, Yearbook pres my senior year, took dental assisting class so I only had to go to high school half a day, realized I wanted to become a dentist, graduated high school (with Honors), started taking actual classes at UVSC before graduation, couldn't go to senior all night party because I had college classes the next morning, went to UVSC for 3 years and took a lot of hard classes, worked in an orthodontic office, realized I wanted to become an orthodontist, took the DAT, graduated from UVU with my BS in Biology in only 3 years (suckers), and now here I am today trying to make a plan to keep myself busy so that I won't remember the next 9 years of my life. 

So pretty much all I've done is go to school for the last 9 years and that's all I'll do for the next 9.  But, here's my rational.  One day, I'll be a rich orthodontist and I'll have a luxury house and car and I won't have to work everyday of the week, and I can go on luxury vacations and go on a lot of humanitarian trips.  One day I'll look back on these days and say, "It was all worth it."

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dear Westminster College,

Thank you for sending me a letter inviting me to complete my undergraduate education at your school.  Unfortunately I will be graduating in 3 weeks and will no longer need to attend college.  I will not be sending you my information for a free transfer credit evaluation.  I do appreciate your interest in my future but I just don't need your help.


(WTF!!!  Maybe they should check these things out and realize that I'm a senior and that I'm not going to transfer to their school.  I was laughing so hard when I got this this morning.)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Praise the Lord *

So, my life test is finally over with.  I did ok.  Not great, but not bad either.  I was just kind of like "Whatever to the test".  I feel very relieved now that it's over and done with, now let's just all keep our fingers crossed that I get into a school.  Preferably the one near my life coach.  

Ok, so now I'm almost done with school.  I should have like a graduation party or something when all of my luxury relations are here next month.  Let's make a plan to do something very luxury.

So, Jac came up and visited this past week.  Unfortunately I couldn't hang out with her much because I was studying like a crazy person.  She did have a very happy reunion with Dooney though.  

*This is not meant to be sac-religious or anything.  It is just something that Justine, from my fav t.v. show 'Run's House', says when she answers the phone.  Jac and I saw it one time and thought it was hilarious.  When answering the phone it is appropriate to either say 'Homeboy Industries' or 'Praise the Lord'.  (You should probably know who is calling you before you do this.)

Friday, July 11, 2008


I need a new tracker so I can see my blog lurkers cause the one I have is being retarded.  Any ideas?

Feeling Good.

This guy is back on the market. 

Thursday, July 10, 2008

This is why we're hot.

Apparently I have this thing on my computer called Photo Booth.  This is what we have been up to for the past half hour.  No one ever should have told me about this.

Watch Jacqueline's face in the first video around the 35 second mark right after Camille walks in and I scream.  She looks terrified.  We watched this like 20 times and almost peed our pants.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How luxury is this?

Pretty cool, huh? I wouls totally love to have a D&B car. But, I would want it to be like a convertible pink Porsche with D&B hood and seats. That would be luxury.

Also, please visit this website.
It will help you be more luxury in every aspect of your life.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dear Utah Drivers,

Please me aware that most of you have no clue how to drive.  Going 90 mph and then slamming on your brakes in your Hyundai-Porsche (name for any non-luxury car that tries to drive fast) is not cool.  Also, please be advised that mini-vans, semis, big rigs, and old dilapidated vehicles should NEVER be in the fast lane.  Please be aware that switching in and out of lanes at high speeds to get ahead is not only dangerous but makes you look like a d.a.  Also, please note that having your family tree spraweled across your back window as stick figures is very white trash.  Also, trying to sell anything from your car is tasteless.  I am not interested in any of your pyramid scams.  The advertisement on your 1991 Geo-Metro telling me that I can make 10K+ a month by calling you is not very convincing.  Also, to all the guys at the top of the "health companies" driving BMWs, Mercedes and Lexus' with their logo across the back, we know that you did not pay for the car, so please don't try and act cool when you have "Tahitian Noni" all over your vehicle.  Finally, FYI the carpool lane has designated spots for entering and exiting.  Using it for a passing lane is illegal.  And, you're supposed to YIELD at a round-about.  Just thought I'd clue you in.

I'm writing this as a public service.

P.S.  I have been listening to Jason Mraz on repeat over and over to help me from going insane while driving and risking my life in Utah.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

STADIUM OF FIRE! (Cue cheesy theme music.)

Ok, so yesterday my dad calls and says, "I got you guys tickets to the Stadium of Fire, they're on the 3rd row, you have to go to watch your sisters." I'm thinking 'great'. I get to see Hannah Montana, what a wonderful way to spend the night! But, I knew there was no getting out of it and I knew that my Dad had spent A LOT of money to get these good seats for Gabby & Camille so I figured I better buck up and have fun. I did my hair and make-up for the first time in a week, which I thought was quite an accomplishment.

So it turns out that ours seats were pretty awesome (How come I never got seats like this to see the BSB?). Gabs and Camille had a great time. I only wish that Miley would have performed the Hannah Montana songs that I have heard before, I've never heard any of what she sang last night. She sang live, and did ok. She's not that great of a singer to begin with, so at least she didn't pull a Britney. Overall, we had fun! Though our ears may be permanently damaged from being so close!
Camille and I.  Yes, we were both wearing green on the 4th.  We were celebrating our Irish ancestors.  haha.
Hannah Montana.
Gabby and Hannah Montana in the background.  Gabs really was excited for this, but she was trying to be cool.

Gabby, Camille, and Camille's friend Mandy.
This is when the crazy parachute people landed.  Note that it looks like the end of the world outside.  Why were they parachuting?
Glenn Beck delivering an inspiring speech.
The Blue Men Group.  I would be rather disappointed if I paid money to go see them in Vegas.  Their show was one giant headache.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Dear Life Coach,

Please return my phone calls, and please make comments on my blog when I blog about you.  And, please send my sister a threatening email to update her blog.  I don't think that it is fair that Peter, Jenn and I get such emails when we slack in the blogging department.  So, tell Little Miss Disneyland to get a move on and update her blog!!!!

Happy 4th of July!

I hope all of y'all have a great Independence Day!  (I'll be studying for most of it.  Highly unluxury.)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hindsight is 20/20

"History is written through a rearview mirror, but it unfolds through a foggy windshield." - Samuel Berger.

On top of studying for the DAT ( which is in less than 2 weeks!) I have to finish up my online Psychology class.  I read this quote earlier today in my book and it made me realize a few things.  
1.  I procrastinate.  A LOT!
2.  I have no clue where I'm going to be living for the next 5+ years.  That's a little scary.
3.  I wish that I could go back and repeat college over again and actually study.  I have a studying pattern that goes a little something like this:  don't study at all until like the day before the test.  This worked, I got good grades (O-chem excluded) and I remember most of what I learned in my 3 years of undergrad, but I don't feel that I truly KNOW somethings.  I can draw the citric acid cycle, explain the laws of thermodynamics and do Hardy-Weinberg problems all day long, but I still don't feel like these things are embedded in my brain.  I'm feeling like I should have read EVERY textbook and studied every day after class.  I guess I'm just freaking out a little about taking the DAT, but it's a big deal!  So, my advice to anybody just starting school is to STUDY!!!!!  Forget about a social life and commit yourself.  Or, this could just be me giving myself advice for what my life will be in dental school.  haha.  Either way,  I think that I need to kick things up a notch in the studying department.  (I have friends who can vouch for this!)  I made myself a studying schedule for the next 2 weeks and I intend to stick to it.  I just wish that I could time travel and be in the future with the DAT in my rearview mirror.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I need more blogs to read, so if you read this blog and you have a blog, please tell me!  I am bored and I need something to do so that I don't have to study for the DAT!  

Also, I know that there are relations of mine that read this blog and don't comment.  So, please comment, I like to have comments.  You can even do it anonomously!

Ok, finally, go out and buy this:

 It is very luxury.  It's like a vacation for your mouth!