Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thanks ya'll.

These luxury flowers are from my wonderful friend Shannon.  (She is the only person who sent me flowers after I finished my life test.)  Shannon likes me to blog about her and then leave comments.  Maybe I would blog about other people if they would leave me comments.  

Ok, so Shan and I have been friends since I was 12 and she was 14.  She is 2 years older than me, and I like to remind her of that.  Highlights of our relationship include:  loving the BSB and *NSYNC (I loved Kevin, she loved Lance, but I ALWAYS knew that Lance was gay and I told her this all of the time), going to 2 BSB concerts, and 1 98* concert (like 10th row, we almost touched Nick Lachey), one year for my bday Shan's gift to me was that I got to open one of the NSYNC barbies (marionettes) from their box (this was a joyous day, and I chose Lance), Shan and I used to have massive collections of memorbilia (this is actually quite embarassing), one time we made up this dance to 'Bye,Bye,Bye' and performed it for a radio station to try and win NSYNC tickets (we lost), we used to make videos and change our names and pretend that we were going to send them to Carson Daly at TRL, we also made videos in the orchard pretending to be the 'Blair Witch Project', and a great one about the 6th sense (Note to self: never give teenagers access to a video camera), during one such video we seriously thought there was a ghost in the house (it was actually just the way the lights were reflecting off of the floor because of the camera settings), we like to watch lame Mormon movies together, I can always bribe Shannon with food, we have experienced many awkward single's ward moments together, she understands my love of KK, one time we went to BYU together, one time Shan was dropping me off at UVSC and her car died, Shannon speaks french (luxury), she totally understands my lingo and tries to adopt it into her own life.

Ok, I know there is a TON more, but it is late and I have to go to bed.  Ya'll, you know what, we have been friends for a long time and that is luxury.  Now, please leave me lots of comments.  Ciao


shan1420 said...

Wow....if that wasn't luxury I don't know what is!!!! Thanks ya'll. You da best and howie loves you! haha. So...a few corrections, our radio station dance was to "it's gonna be me" not "bye, bye, bye". Howie definetely deserves more blog time, he was a big part of our life. And true vibe, and that video that i didn't record HAHA!!Ummm and we called the radio station guy lots, whatever his name was. I totally forgot about letting you open the barbie, did i not give you anything else that year? I'm a bad friend. Dang. You should totally post some of our old videos on your blog. Dat be sweet yo!!! Ummm that's it! Love you!

shan1420 said...

Oh and you should comment on how cool my boyfriend is........ you know you love him too!

Adam Murphy said...

I have read the blog post. I am glad your DAT is over, so we can have more time to talk abou the JAZZ shortfalls, and the laker's much better prospects for the future. Also I think there should be more pictures of hot shannon on your blog. She would make things prettier!

Jackie said...