Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Praise the Lord *

So, my life test is finally over with.  I did ok.  Not great, but not bad either.  I was just kind of like "Whatever to the test".  I feel very relieved now that it's over and done with, now let's just all keep our fingers crossed that I get into a school.  Preferably the one near my life coach.  

Ok, so now I'm almost done with school.  I should have like a graduation party or something when all of my luxury relations are here next month.  Let's make a plan to do something very luxury.

So, Jac came up and visited this past week.  Unfortunately I couldn't hang out with her much because I was studying like a crazy person.  She did have a very happy reunion with Dooney though.  

*This is not meant to be sac-religious or anything.  It is just something that Justine, from my fav t.v. show 'Run's House', says when she answers the phone.  Jac and I saw it one time and thought it was hilarious.  When answering the phone it is appropriate to either say 'Homeboy Industries' or 'Praise the Lord'.  (You should probably know who is calling you before you do this.)


Jenn S. said...

Hooray for your test being over!!

Yes, a par-tay is definitely in order come August. ;)

Amy said...

I love Justine. She says it so matter of fact and like she means it! Yeah for you finishing the test. WOO HOO!

chrissi said...

I heard you did great on the test! I'm glad it's over with. Add a par-tay to the list of stuff i want to do whilst we are in Utah.

The Pendletons said...

I am glad that I can always count on you to have a new post for me to read. Maybe you shouldn't talk to Krisi on the phone while she is in the bathroom and I wouldn't have to interupt you. :)