Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hindsight is 20/20

"History is written through a rearview mirror, but it unfolds through a foggy windshield." - Samuel Berger.

On top of studying for the DAT ( which is in less than 2 weeks!) I have to finish up my online Psychology class.  I read this quote earlier today in my book and it made me realize a few things.  
1.  I procrastinate.  A LOT!
2.  I have no clue where I'm going to be living for the next 5+ years.  That's a little scary.
3.  I wish that I could go back and repeat college over again and actually study.  I have a studying pattern that goes a little something like this:  don't study at all until like the day before the test.  This worked, I got good grades (O-chem excluded) and I remember most of what I learned in my 3 years of undergrad, but I don't feel that I truly KNOW somethings.  I can draw the citric acid cycle, explain the laws of thermodynamics and do Hardy-Weinberg problems all day long, but I still don't feel like these things are embedded in my brain.  I'm feeling like I should have read EVERY textbook and studied every day after class.  I guess I'm just freaking out a little about taking the DAT, but it's a big deal!  So, my advice to anybody just starting school is to STUDY!!!!!  Forget about a social life and commit yourself.  Or, this could just be me giving myself advice for what my life will be in dental school.  haha.  Either way,  I think that I need to kick things up a notch in the studying department.  (I have friends who can vouch for this!)  I made myself a studying schedule for the next 2 weeks and I intend to stick to it.  I just wish that I could time travel and be in the future with the DAT in my rearview mirror.

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