Friday, July 25, 2008


I just pressed a button on my luxury iMac and it started talking to me.  It was creepy too.  It was kind of like the one time when I was driving the Escalade and I accidentaly pushed the navigation button and the lady was trying to tell me that I was headed the wrong way.  Technology can be annoying sometimes.

On another note, there are some major trade situations happening with the Jazz right now and I am just hoping that my boyfriend is not involved in any of them.

Also, Christina, I very much enjoyed talking with you today.  Please tell your employees at the LGB that they need to step it up and do some work so that you aren't tired anymore.  When you come to visit me you won't have to do any work.  

Also, I got a new giant thing of Pina Colada gum today.  That is very luxury because it is my favorite.

The End.


shan1420 said...

just noticed no one is commenting lately and felt bad for you. Adam says KK wont be traded. Don't worry. Good luck with technology. I wresteled with some last week for liek 4 hrs and my project should have only taken 20 mins. Lame!! Ok. WOrd out

Jackie said...

lol! It freaks me out when Marc leaves the sound on and forgets to tell me, and then I go to someone's page and the music starts blaring!