Monday, March 31, 2008


You know when you have that pit in the bottom of your stomach and you're so anxious that you wake up in the middle of the night all panicked?? Well, that is so how I'm feeling right now. The Jazz lost yesterday in Minnesota (for the SECOND time). And, with 3 starters questionable for tonight due to injury and illness, I have a very bad feeling that things have taken a turn for the worse. I mean, IF they were to loose the next 3 games, and Denver happened to win their next 3, the Jazz could totally be out of the playoffs. Now, I have total faith that D. Will won't let this happen, but it is definitely a scary possibility.
And, if this craziness did happen, what would I do every night in April and May?? I mean really, I would have time to be bored and maybe study for the DAT (only the test that determines what I do for the rest of my life). So, for my sake, I beg you (yes, you Jazz boys) to PLEASE pull it together and play like the team I know you are. You have worked to hard to let it come down to this. I am totally free to come and give you a pep-talk. Just call me. But, whatever you do, please don't break my heart like your comrades did about 10 years ago. I just don't think I could handle it.
Thank you and good luck.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

You now you have problems when....

You rearrange your church schedule to watch Jazz games!!! So the Jazz have a very RARE Sunday game vs. Minnesota at 1:30. It just so happens that I have church during that time. So, what's a girl to do?? Well, I went to church with a friend at 9:30 so that I could watch the game!! Oh, the things I'm willing to do for this team. They better win!

P.S. It totally snowed like a lot last night. And, it is STILL snowing. That is definitely unluxury.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blah. Blah. Blah.

I wish that Spring would make up it's mind. The past few weeks have been pretty nice, weather wise. But, this last week has been yucky and cold. I just don't get the weather.
So, since I have been told that I don't update my blog enough, I will try and do a recap of the last week.

Since last Friday I have taken 3 HARD tests in Microbiology, Biochemistry and Plant Physiology. And, it turns out that I have ANOTHER Biochem test this upcoming week. Ugh. But, I did get the high, AGAIN, on my Micro test, so that is very luxury.

I switched my purse over to one of my 'fun' D&B's. I felt that it was appropriate for springtime. Now, if only the weather would cooperate.

I found out that they are opening a new dental school in Pomona, CA. Just over the hill from Whitter. This is very luxury because I could totally hang out with Chrissi for the 4 years I'm in school.

We have a love of awkward YouTube videos in our family, and I stumbled upon this little gem:
It is soooo funny. It's long, but watch it through the end and you'll see why it's even funnier!

I am slowly starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and within 3 short months I will be a college grad. That is luxury.

I am going to Cali again in a month, but just for the weekend. Peter, maybe you should call me, cause I'm pretty sure that there is governmental work that needs to be done in CA this particular weekend!!

And, did you honestly think I'd go through a whole post without mentioning my boys?? They played very well this week (after a heart-breaking loss to the LA Kobe's), and I expect them to have another good week. I still love that D. Will. He's so good, and CP3 has NOTHING on him. Don't get me started......

Monday, March 24, 2008

Luxury Easter

So, there was more luxuriousness this past weekend then I mentioned in my last post. As I said we went up to SLC to stay at the Grand America for Easter. It is always fun to go up there, and this time we even had a luxury kitchen in our room. So, obviously we did go to the game on Saturday night. We had tickets on the 11th row, but my pictures didn't turn out very well. The game was boring!! It seemed as if everyone was just wanting to get the game out of the way and get onto the party. Luckily, they beat the Sonics, or I imagine that Jerry might have a few words for the boys.
Anyway, on Sunday morning we went to 'Music and the Spoken Word' and then went back to the hotel and my parents made us a very nice Easter breakfast. Then we did a 'photoshoot'. For some reason this is a regular occurance with us. I don't know why. So, then Jac and I headed headed home, and did homework. All in all, I must say that it was a very nice weekend.
Maybe I should take a photography class.
Lil' Jon getting the 'supposedly' getting the crowd hyped. YEEEEAAAHHH!!
Kyle missed a technical FT. Unacceptable.

Our new Russian exchanged students.
Disregard whatever I am doing, look how much taller Camille is.
Gabby set up her own little table for breakfast. Note the new 'Katie Holmes' hair-do.
Padre and Madre making breakfast.
Taking pics in the bathroom. At least it was a marble bathroom.
Awkward. Don't worry, Gabby will get braces.
Ok, camera's really shouldn't have automatic timers.

The Pivotal of Luxury

So. On Saturday, my dad told us that we were going up to the SLC for Easter. The crew left, and Jac and I shortly followed. We got up to SLC around 4:30, and I told Jac we should cruise over to the Delta Center (yes, I know it is now the ESA) and see if anything was going on before the game. Sure enough, there were a few people standing over by the entrance to where the players drive in. So Jac and I parked and went over and asked them if any of the players had come. Carlos Boozer had come through just a minute before, but the security guard said that the others should be coming really soon. So, I was like, ok this could be good. But I didn't want to look like a crazy stalker or anything. So sure enough, the players start rolling through one by one.

Ronnie Price was nice and stopped to sign a card for this little boy. Interesting enough, he still had Sacramento Kings license plate surrounds.
Memo thought he was too cool for school. Whatever, I have the same car!
No wonder Jerry loves Harpring so much. A good old truck driving boy. No glitz or glamour.
CJ is really young! Like, younger than me! He stopped and was nice to sign for this kid.
And then my dreams came true! I got to meet KK!!! He was sooo cute. Even cuter in person than I thought he'd be. From what I remember I wished him a happy Bday and good luck at the game. He said 'Thank you'. And then Jac said, "This is my older sister, Danielle, and she is absolutely in love with you". Great. He smiled politely and said "Nice to meet you, Danielle". I'm sure I replied with something! Of course, Saturday morning I was up and running around studying and running errands, so I totally didn't even put any make-up on. Hence not actually taking a picture with my love. But, I did get a signed card, thanks to the kid that was there. All in all, it was a very luxury experience. I totally didn't want to invade any of their personal space, but the security guard assured me that people did this all of the time. So, I felt a little better about it.
Unfortunately, my favorite pic got erased off of the camera. It was Jarron Collins (the 'wonderful' Jazz back-up Center) getting DROPPED OFF by his wife in an old-school Escalade with the darkest tinted windows. Jarron, know one is that desperate for a picture of you. But, way to help out the environment by consolidating trips.

Jac was in charge of the recording. This isn't very long, but it is luxury.
Also, the D. Will was throwing a bday bash for a few players with Lil' Jon (YEEEAHHH!!) but, since none of my girl friends are 21 I couldn't go. Mainly because, given the track record of some of the players, it wouldn't exactly be the best decision to go by myself.
Also, we saw Donyell Marshall (a Sonics player) in the lobby at the Grand. I wanted to say something witty like 'Good luck tonight' but I didn't want to be annoying.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Chrissi!!!!!

Please disregard the fact that neither of us are wearing makeup.
Today is my very luxury cousin Chrissi's birthday. Unfortunately she has the flu, so send some well-wishes her way. Here is a list of 10 reasons to love Chrissi:
1. She is very luxury, and is constantly in search of things that are luxury. (Notice the D&B's in the pic.)
2. She used to have this opal ring and when I was little I would always want to rub it on my lips because I thought it was lipstick. She would always let me, even though I was annoying.
3. She has great comedic timing. Ex: We are just watching this gentleman push his house across the road.
4. One of my favorite baby pics is of Chrissi and I at Mimi's on the patio where she wrapped a napkin over my hair.
5. She (and Don) produced some of the most adorable kids you'll ever see.
6. Chrissi and Don are just about the cutest, funniest married couple you'll meet.
7. She can pretty much always make you laugh.
8. She's a wonderful mother, wife and daughter.
9. She would do anything for anyone.
10. She's truly more like an older sister to me!
Happy Birthday!! I love you and hope you feel better soon!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday KK!!!

Happy 27th Birthday Kyle!! Hopefully your birthday luck will translate into a win tonight. Here is a list of 10 reasons to love Kyle:

1. He can shoot a 3 with the ball in his hands for .1 seconds.

2. He can actually make free-throws (a new concept for the Jazz)!

3. He was born in California.

4. He's a good, church-going boy.

5. He holds an annual coat drive for kids.

6. He gives back to the community.

7. He's just really cute.

8. He wants to be remembered as a good basketball player, and not just for his looks.

9. He wears knee-socks.

10. He's an all-around good guy and a wonderful addition to the team.

Friday, March 14, 2008

California Love

So, we are down here in LUXURY California. We are very much missing our favorite cousins Peter and Jenn Jenn, and the fancy girls, Savannah and Fiona. So we wanted to show you what we've been up to. The weather has been absolutely beautiful. We even got a little bit of a sunburn yesterday at Disneyland.
We got here really early Wednesday morning and our nice Uncle Peter picked us up from the airport. We spent the day spending money (it's something we're good at) and running errands with our extremely luxury cousin Chrissi and her kids. Then Jacqueline dressed up the 'Fancy Nancy's' the other night and took pictures. They are too cute! Gavin wanted to be a part of the photo shoot even though he wasn't completely dressed.
Yesterday we went to Disneyland all day! It was a lot of fun. It was kind of weird being there without all of the family, but we did a lot in 1 day. Unfortunately, we were disappointed in the Pineapple whip from the Tiki Hut. It wasn't all that it was hiped up to be.
Today, we got up early so Jacqueline could do the girl's hair 'fancy' for school. Then we went to Brea and went shopping and went to a very cute little French crepe restaurant. Now we're just chillaxing and are planning on doing some more shopping tonight. I will post about the remainder of our trip when we get home.
The pics aren't in order, because I just can't figure out how to do it!
On our way to Disneyland. I was up and ready to go at 6, but Jac didn't bother getting up till around 8:30. We FINALLY got there around 11.
Eating a Grown-up lunch (paying for yourself is kind of unluxury!). We like to coordinate our shirts with our eye colors.
Apparently I was a little nervous to go on Tower of Terror.
Just soakin' up some California sunshine.
Because 'CALIFORNIA' doesn't have a 'D' I did a 'L' for 'LUXURY'.
I think it is important to look luxury at 5 in the morning at the Airport. Unfortunately, Jacqueline doesn't feel the same way.
Gavin aspires to work at Homeboy Industries when he grows up. Haha.
Bronte is a Gothic Princess. But a very fancy one.
Pretty Haydan sitting in the garden.
Gavin just likese to be part of the action. Notice the 'hairdo.'

This is a little awkward.
I was under the impression that the submarines were really going to Hawaii. I was sorely disappointed when they didn't. And for the record, I like the old-school submarine voyage better.
Big Thunder Railroad was very exciting.

In the line of Indiana Jones it says that you aren't supposed to step on the diamonds, cause you will die. But, I like to break the rules. Note the Dooney & Bourke shoes.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Daylight Savings

I probably shouldn't admit this but, I didn't know it was time to change the clocks until about an hour ago when I realized that my alarm clock and phone clock weren't the same. I lost an hour of my day and didn't even know it. Sad.

Weekend Update

I apologize for the lack of blogging lately. Not only has school been busy, but the weather has been rather nice and so I have spent a lot of time cruising around in the Porsche. It is definitely one of my favorite past-times. I will make this a worthwhile blog because I am being threatened to do so, thanks Chrissi. Also, Jackie, I assure you that I am not dead.

So, what has the luxury life been like lately:

-Like I said, there have been many an afternoon ride in the Porshce listening to a mix-cd that I call "My jams." I have since been informed that it is no longer cool to say "jams." Whatever.

-My Boys have won 5 in a row, including a road win in Pheonix, and a blow-out last night against the Denver Thuggets (I personally love how A.I. and Melo wear matching headbands and arm sleeves.) Remember, points win games, but defense wins Championships. At this rate, we are right on track to take it all the way.

-I'm half-way through my last semester. That is very luxury.

-I saw 'The Other Bolyen Girl.' It was rather interesting. I don't think I would recommend going to see it at the theatre. Maybe, rent it from Blockbuster, maybe not.

-Jacqueline and I love to say 'Homeboy Industries' whenever we answer the phone with each other. I think I'm going to get Jac a Homeboy Industries shirt for her b-day next month.

-Ya'll should read Jac's blog as well. It is pretty funny. Last week she had the funny idea to talk into your iPod and pretend it is an iPhone. I thought it was hilarious.

-Without going into details, because it is a brain-dead experience, I will just say that I got my BMW back. I will however say this, DON'T BUY A BMW. You will have problems with it the second the warranty runs out and then you are screwed.

-We are now painting the house. It will be nice when it is done as the fumes are rather nausiating.

-Jac and I are going to CA on wednesday. We are very excited.

-I think I need Botox, just between my eyebrows. I have the inherited scowl from my Dad, and frowning so much gives me bad headaches sometimes.

-I love the T-mobile commercials with Charles Barkley and Dwayne Wade. Don't ask me why, I just think they are really funny.

-I really think that the Lakers have a good chance of winning the championship this year. While I love my Jazz, I think that Kobe is pretty unstoppable most times. And now with Gasol (besides the fact that he looks like a caveman), they are going to be a tough team to beat in the West.

-Also, I think Deron is THE BEST POINT GUARD in the league. Steve Nash is good, but he can't carry that team like he does. And CP3 is the media darling, and I just don't like it. Deron deserves much more National coverage than he does.

-I think I have Spring Fever. I can hardly concentrate in school anymore. All I want to do is be outside and__________. I don't think it's that hard to guess. Refer to above picture.

-I want to go see Semi-Pro. It looks funny. Let me know if any of you have seen it and liked it.

-I have been listening to 'The Sweet Escape' a lot lately. I think I forgot how fun it was.

-I still love KK, just in case any of you were wondering. Bad haircuts and all, he's just adorable.

-I'll try to post again before leaving for Cali, and I promise to take lots of pics while I'm there.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Homeboy Industries

I just love this boy more and more everyday. haha. How great is Kyle Korver?
On his days off he goes to elementary schools and read to the children. That KK is such a giver. He also volunteers with 'Basketball Without Borders' during the off-season.

I guess we will go with a few songs of the 'week' since I've been such a slacker this week!
Listen to:
- Online, by Brad Paisley (it's really funny, I promise)
- I Only Wanna Be With You, by Hootie & the Blowfish (one of my all-time favs)

I will do a full report this weekend.