Monday, March 31, 2008


You know when you have that pit in the bottom of your stomach and you're so anxious that you wake up in the middle of the night all panicked?? Well, that is so how I'm feeling right now. The Jazz lost yesterday in Minnesota (for the SECOND time). And, with 3 starters questionable for tonight due to injury and illness, I have a very bad feeling that things have taken a turn for the worse. I mean, IF they were to loose the next 3 games, and Denver happened to win their next 3, the Jazz could totally be out of the playoffs. Now, I have total faith that D. Will won't let this happen, but it is definitely a scary possibility.
And, if this craziness did happen, what would I do every night in April and May?? I mean really, I would have time to be bored and maybe study for the DAT (only the test that determines what I do for the rest of my life). So, for my sake, I beg you (yes, you Jazz boys) to PLEASE pull it together and play like the team I know you are. You have worked to hard to let it come down to this. I am totally free to come and give you a pep-talk. Just call me. But, whatever you do, please don't break my heart like your comrades did about 10 years ago. I just don't think I could handle it.
Thank you and good luck.


momof2furballs said...


Google sponsored "Lights Out 2008" on their webpage... the goal was to get everyone in the world from 8pm to 9pm in their time zone to turn off all the lights for the whole hour to help conserve energy.

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

seriously??? *in my best merideth imitation* ;0)

Jacqueline M said...

danilee WTF is inna