Monday, March 24, 2008

The Pivotal of Luxury

So. On Saturday, my dad told us that we were going up to the SLC for Easter. The crew left, and Jac and I shortly followed. We got up to SLC around 4:30, and I told Jac we should cruise over to the Delta Center (yes, I know it is now the ESA) and see if anything was going on before the game. Sure enough, there were a few people standing over by the entrance to where the players drive in. So Jac and I parked and went over and asked them if any of the players had come. Carlos Boozer had come through just a minute before, but the security guard said that the others should be coming really soon. So, I was like, ok this could be good. But I didn't want to look like a crazy stalker or anything. So sure enough, the players start rolling through one by one.

Ronnie Price was nice and stopped to sign a card for this little boy. Interesting enough, he still had Sacramento Kings license plate surrounds.
Memo thought he was too cool for school. Whatever, I have the same car!
No wonder Jerry loves Harpring so much. A good old truck driving boy. No glitz or glamour.
CJ is really young! Like, younger than me! He stopped and was nice to sign for this kid.
And then my dreams came true! I got to meet KK!!! He was sooo cute. Even cuter in person than I thought he'd be. From what I remember I wished him a happy Bday and good luck at the game. He said 'Thank you'. And then Jac said, "This is my older sister, Danielle, and she is absolutely in love with you". Great. He smiled politely and said "Nice to meet you, Danielle". I'm sure I replied with something! Of course, Saturday morning I was up and running around studying and running errands, so I totally didn't even put any make-up on. Hence not actually taking a picture with my love. But, I did get a signed card, thanks to the kid that was there. All in all, it was a very luxury experience. I totally didn't want to invade any of their personal space, but the security guard assured me that people did this all of the time. So, I felt a little better about it.
Unfortunately, my favorite pic got erased off of the camera. It was Jarron Collins (the 'wonderful' Jazz back-up Center) getting DROPPED OFF by his wife in an old-school Escalade with the darkest tinted windows. Jarron, know one is that desperate for a picture of you. But, way to help out the environment by consolidating trips.

Jac was in charge of the recording. This isn't very long, but it is luxury.
Also, the D. Will was throwing a bday bash for a few players with Lil' Jon (YEEEAHHH!!) but, since none of my girl friends are 21 I couldn't go. Mainly because, given the track record of some of the players, it wouldn't exactly be the best decision to go by myself.
Also, we saw Donyell Marshall (a Sonics player) in the lobby at the Grand. I wanted to say something witty like 'Good luck tonight' but I didn't want to be annoying.


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

so are you going to have that pic blown up and hung over your bed? ;0)

momof2furballs said...

You scared the crap outta me when you called screaming into the phone!!!!

shan1420 said...

Wow Danielle this is almost as luxury as meeting lance. How come I never got a happy b day shannon post?

Jenn S. said...


Ahh, I am so stoked for you! Way to be a sly stalker girl!Awesome.