Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I need more blogs to read, so if you read this blog and you have a blog, please tell me!  I am bored and I need something to do so that I don't have to study for the DAT!  

Also, I know that there are relations of mine that read this blog and don't comment.  So, please comment, I like to have comments.  You can even do it anonomously!

Ok, finally, go out and buy this:

 It is very luxury.  It's like a vacation for your mouth!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i can't see your pic...

did you see k's very luxury cake with the tiara? she's soooo NOT the princess right now...her room is a wreck!!!


Suzie Young said...

Hey. I love reading your blog...sorry mine is not more consistent or entertaining - you might be more likely to stay awake studying :)
I do have lots of funny friends linked to my blog - check out a few if you're bored.
When's the DAT?

momof2furballs said...

You know I comment all the time, but you don't! I think you need to work on that =0)

I should be posting more pics of Kathryn's graduation weekend soon, Susan sent out an e-mail of all the pics Tom took.

Jenn S. said...

D - if you need a fun distraction, go to my blog and click on "courtney" - her blog is so so funny. And her sister Nie Nie (on Courtney's sidebar) is awesome too. They are both from Provo - Courtney and I did study abroad together.

Jenn S. said...

A quick note to your sisters:

PS - Jacqueline Amber - PLEASE update your blog, I love the Beckham's, but it's time.
PPS - Tell Camille that her comments are turned off.



Amy said...

Jenn beat me to it... I would love to leave Camille a comment, but she has them disabled!

DandE said...

Dear Danielle,
The other day at the gym I was watching ET and they were doing a segment on people who are "Luxaholics." Evidently, this is someone who is addicted to having the best of things and livign the good life. I thought to myself, " That's my friend Danielle." But it was't becuase you are way more "luxury" than anyone they showed. love, emily

shan1420 said...

you could always visit my blog for adam. though it may bore you. adam eats that gum. it is yummy.