Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I just got back from yet another quick trip down to Cali. This one wasn't strictly pleasure though. On Friday, I went to the new dental school in Pomona called Western University. It seems like a really good school, so we'll see how that goes. The only downfall is that it isn't exactly in the best neighborhood. Luckly, my Uncle Peter took me so I didn't have any problems.

I had lots of fun. This is what I did:
-Went shopping.
-Saw all the baby bunnies.
-Got Jac's car washed and gased it up.
-Saw the Lakers nearly sweep the Spurs. (Pedro, why don't you ever text me back?)
-Had a 'Bored' meeting in Chrissi's front yard.
-Went to a movie. Jennifer, we missed you.
-Went out to eat too much.
-Paid for Jac to eat everywhere we went. I don't get this.
-Encountered a lot of naughty business.
-Watched 'Eloise' with Haydan and Bronte. It was very fancy.
-Pretty much just hung out with my cousins.

Unfortunately I make "bad decisions" and I had to come back to school. But, don't worry. I'll be back in less than 3 weeks. haha.

Here is Mr. Naughty Business himself.

This is our "Bored" Meeting.

It's too bad these two are so camera shy.

Haydie and I. She couldn't be any sweeter.

Jimmy Buffett.


momof2furballs said...

I know which movie you saw! lol! We NEED to talk about it more! Call me!

The Pendletons said...

Sounds and looks like you had a lot of fun in Cali. I think Bill's dad lives somewhere around Pamona.. He lives in Chino Hills.. Is that by Pamona? Sorry to hear about your ipod that is to never return. I would be making my sister buy me a new one. See you tomorrow.

Peter said...

Again the question must be asked. Why isn't Senor Gavin wearing pants?

Jacqueline M said...

I laughed SO hard JIMMY BUFFET ughhhh SO good!!!