Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just remember: "Brainiac rhymes with maniac".

I'm sorry I've been such a lousy blogger lately. Really, I am. I've just been really busy doing more important things. I'm down in my favorite state right now visiting my life coach. (It's very important for everyone to have a life coach and to consult with them often.) I've already learned a lot of important life lessons this week, and more are certainly to come.

I also had my interview at Loma Linda University yesterday. I think it went really well, and I would LOVE to go to dental school there. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Ok, that's all the time I have right now. I'm a very busy person. I'll blog again later.

P.S. Dear Anonymous/Brendon,
You'll probably read this before you get your package in the mail. So, I'm very sorry that I am such a horrible BFF, but I promise to be better at writing!!!! It'll be my New Year's resolution.


Jackie said...

Lol! Hope you're having fun in the warm weather!

The Pendletons said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you make it into that vegiterian school.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahahahahaaahahahahahhahahahahahahhahah... rofl. you crack me the crack up. yes i will be reading this before your package arrives. I found out i'm not moving and that the office wont let me get the package till monday because they ahave a specially christmas party to hand them out in LAMESAUCE. anyway, you should send a letter to my address so i can have my buddy call you whilst i'm sitting next to him and say MERRY CHRISTMERS! 1300 st. louis st. Johnson city , tn 37601. you're the best.