Sunday, August 29, 2010

The City of Angels

I flew down to Cali with our friends, the Pateys, to pick up Shacklyn and bring her back to Utah. We packed A LOT into 2 days. We went to the Dodgers game on the first night and had a wonderful time.

The next morning we went to Disneyland! We did everything, rode every ride (and didn't wait in any lines, luxury), and saw both big shows at the end of the night. Totally VIP, if you will. The younger boys were asking to 'please' go home at the end of the night because they were so worn out. It was a lot of fun to run around on a mission to get everything done.

The next day, Shlack and I hung out around Whittier and then went down to Downtown Disney for a movie. Unfortunately my Life Coach made a bad decision and wasn't in town. Whatever to her.
We saw these old people dancing while wearing matching outfits. Your team.

The next day we drove home.

The end.

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Jacqueline M said...

luxury. if you will.