Monday, December 6, 2010

It's cold outside.

Today I got a Facebook message from my Life Coach.  It said 'Blog'.  My blog is just kind of boring and I'm ok with that.  So, in true Danilee fashion, I will do a bullet post.

-I like this song by Nelly.  (Mostly just the chorus)

-I'm no longer a Jazz fan.  Watching games just isn't the same without KK there.  Whatever to them.

-I'm going to Texas on Friday.  Luxury.  I'll wear my cowboy boots to try to fit in.

-I have to get a root canal. UGH.  Seriously.  I have a dead tooth and it keeps getting darker and it just bothers me, so the solution is to either be a hillbilly with a black tooth or get a root canal.  I'm so over it already.

-Did you know that my boyfriend, Jesse McCartney, has a Christmas album.  Sometimes I listen to it on Pandora.  Issues.

-Gossip Girl is on hiatus until January 24.  What am I supposed to do on Monday nights?  Seriously.  I need my Upper East side fix of Chase Crawford. xoxo.

-Last Saturday I went to Ikea with my sisters.  Now I really want a little Ikea house.  Sometimes I secretly wish that I could be like Natalie Portman in that one movie and sleep in a store overnight.  I think it would be an adventure.

-I kind of want a miniature puppy.  I think it would be really cute and I think a puppy would be really happy living with all my luxuriousness.  Jacqueline told me this was a bad idea.

-I miss my suga muffin and can't wait till after Christmas when he comes to visit.  (Oh, and those other people too.) Haha.

I hope this was sufficient blogging.  xoxo


Jenn S. said...

We are sooo excited! It will be a busy weekend and I am so happy to have you here with us. Can't wait!
We love you!

chrissi said...

thank you...please blog more often we need our Danielle fix!!