Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Phil Collins

OK, so I definitely did my fair share of driving today. I: took Camille to school, took Gabby to school, drove to SLC for work and drove back, picked up Camille, picked up Gabby, picked up the dry cleaning, checked the P.O. Box, went to Target, took the girls to YW's, and dropped off one of their friends afterward. I swear that EVERY time I was in the car I heard a Phil Collins song. I like Phil, really I do. I think he's really great. But after hearing "True Colors" like 5 times in one day, I'm like what's up? Is it just one of those things in life? Like going to the store in the middle of the day and only seeing mom's with young children. Is Phil Collins like the suburban mom of the radio?? This is not only on FM but XM as well. I just thought it was really funny. Maybe I just needed Phil's soothing, melodic songs to help me get through the day.

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