Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Thnks Fr Th Mmrs"

Sorry for the hiatus. I've been in denial since Friday night. I still find myself thinking there is a Jazz game that I am missing and checking NBA.com to see which team we could possibly play in the next round. Slowly, I am realizing that it's over until next fall. This has helped me a lot in the healing process:

I watch it like over and over. I will soon be back to real life and provide you with new posts, until then, please don't ridicule me (PETER)!

This season was definitely one to remember. I got to go to 6 games, meet KK and I was provided with numerous entertaining nights (December excluded).

I am now looking forward to next season when I will be a Jazz fan in the middle of Laker country. Should be interesting.

Thanks for all the good times, boys!

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momof2furballs said...

yea, should be interesting!

Don't worry, your life will go on!