Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dear L.C.:

Here is what I wore yesterday:
Note that these are not my actual boots.  Mine are 'a lot' cuter.  They are BCBG from Nordstrom, but I don't think they sell them there anymore :(.

You can buy this dress here.  But, I have the gray one.  And I wore the white long sleeve t underneath the dress.  It was 'really' cute.  And obviously, I filled it out better on top!  HAHA.  And, I wore some yellow jewelry to accessorize.  

Hurry up and come up here so we can go shopping.

Have a wonderful day at the gym!



Jacqueline M said...

ya and you pranced around the house like you were some hott stuff.

Danielle said...

Whatever. You were just jealous.

Jackie said...

I like the dress and shirt.....the shoes not so much!

Jenn S. said...

cute - where are pictures?

Jenn S. said...

Is it me, or does D.E.O. have a ton of cute clothes right now? I die. A shopping trip is necessary over Christmas!

Birdee said...

I'm with Jenn. Let's see some luxury pictures of you! I like the dress a lot! Really cute! I do hope that you filled out the top better though...;)

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

cute stuff!