Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Dear Reader,
Yes, I am talking to you.  I need some advice.  I am in need of a new blow dryer.  I usually am all about whatever pink, cheap one I can find at Target, but I am thinking that maybe it's time to invest in something a little more high-end.  So, what are you using?  Do you love it? Please help me to make good decisions so that my hair can be luxury.



Jacqueline M said...

Ya you really do need a new one. It takes me like 30 min to dry my hair with yours. xoxo Serena

Suzie LeCheminant said...

I always buy an expensive one...since I would feel bad drying your hair at the salon with a conair from Target. However....I don't think it's worth the investment, they never last long enough and I don't think they work any better than the 30 dollar ones from wherever.
If you want a nice one though - I can get you a good deal :)

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

eeh, try not use one, so when i randomly do it's a conair (??).

The Pendletons said...

I have a babyliss one which is the one that my hair dresser uses and I LOVE it. I have only had it like 2 months so I can't really speak for how long it will last but it will dry my fro in like 5 min. Which as you know is quite and accomplishment. Anyways I bought mine off ebay for about 1/3 of what my hair lady paid her cost at the beauty supply store.