Saturday, June 6, 2009

These are a few of my favorite Costco.

Glide floss is the 'only' kind of floss I will use (and please remember that I am a 'dental professional').  It is so smooth and makes flossing really easy.  It is kind of expensive if you buy it individually at a regular store, but it's about $12 for a 6-pack at Costco.  It's totally worth the money, cause you're going to use it.
This is a horrible pic, but seriously such a yummy treat.  It's Yoplait frozen smoothie mix.  It was by the ice cream in our Costco, but it is totally low cal and is a great summer treat or great for a breakfast on the run.
I love this hairspray.  It does good things.  It is usually like $12 a can but they sell a 2-pack at Costco for $15 which is a steal.  You should probably buy 2 packs if you  see it. 

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AJ Candrian said...

I LOVE big sexy hair products. Their root pump is amazing! Also, they sell it much cheaper at TJMaxx... my sister and I discovered it there a while back and now that's the only place we buy it. Glad we have the same stellar taste in hair care. Too bad my hair doesn't look as nice as yours!