Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Shacklyn.

Today is my sister's 21st Birthday. In honor of that here are 21 things you may or may not know about Jacqueline.
1. We have our own secret language. We can say 'homeboy industries', 'HTM', 'awkward', 'He was black. Celebrity' and know exactly what the other is trying to say without having to actually say anything and being politically correct.
2. She secretly (or not so secretly) wishes that she was a Disney princess.
3. She calls her black bug the 'Black Pearl'. (She may not be the most aware driver in the world).
4. She loves that Lady Gaga and is always ready for a dance party.
5. She doesn't really like to wake up in the mornings.
6. Within minutes of meeting someone, that person is Jac's new 'best friend'. She has A LOT of friends.
7. She has crushes on Chris Carrabba, the red head guy from Harry Potter, Ricky Bobby, and the Male Model (off & on).
8. She sends a lot of text messages.
9. Her room is decorated really fancily. It may or may not always be clean.
10. One time we took an online class together in college. I ended up doing most of the work and in return she did stuff for me.
11. One time I hired her as my personal assistant... That didn't work out so well.
12. Once when we were driving down to California she may have eaten an entire box of chocolate donuts. Homegirl loves a 'donie party'.
13. I potty trained Jacqueline. You're welcome.
14. Jac had the 'cutest' froggy voice when she was younger.
15. I have been on many roadtrips with Jacqueline. I like to refer to her as my 'co-pilot'.
16. I like to tell Jacko that I have better eyebrows and better teeth than her. In reality they're pretty much the exact same.
17. I like to call Jac early in the morning on the way to work and sing her Donny Osmond's version of 'Mary, did you know?'. I know she very much enjoys this.
18. Jac has a very artistic eye. I think she could be a professional 'photo-grapher' when she grows up.
19. Jac works on Splash Mountain at Disneyland. She aspires to also work at Pirates of the Caribbean. (She has been known to sing songs while doing crowd control for parades.)
20. Now that she is 21 she has reached the legal drinking age (naughty business). I enjoy having a 'cocktail' with Jacqueline and lounging around.
21. I am very glad that she is my sister and I love her lots.