Thursday, April 22, 2010

"I want my hair to look like Quinn's on Glee"

I am a fan of bullet point blog posts. I know some people do not like this type of blogging, but it's easy. And, you don't really have to commit to one topic (we all know commitment is not my strong suit). So without further ado I give you the thoughts in my head:

-The weather needs to make up it's d*amn mind. Seriously. I have to check the weather app on my phone before I get dressed every morning. Problems.

-My life coach gives good advice. I've asked her and her executive assistant to write me a guide on dating. If she follows through with it, I'll post it on here. Two things she tells me: don't bring a big purse and don't fold your arms all of the time. Noted.

-I worked till almost 9 tonight. Struggs. Luckily yesterday was Secretary's day and my boss brought us all in a nice treat.

-I've been listening to the Dean Martin station on Pandora. I love Dean Martin, his voice is just magical. This song may be my favorite song 'ever'. It's also the title of my fav movie; I listen to the soundtrack all of the time.

-I'm starting to get allergies. Very unluxury.

-I call Shacklyn and tell her to come visit me and she never comes. Whatever to her.

-I think I shall have a tea party with Shlack tomorrow afternoon. Fancy.

-I'm pretty much over to Facebook.

-I have an obsession with ironing. I think that it is professional to iron things. Sometimes I even iron my pajamas. Yeah.

-Have you heard the story about Camille hitting a bus full of handicapped children? Good times.

-I get to sleep in tomorrow morning! Yahoo!


Jacqueline M said...

i felt bad that no one leaves comments on ur here is a comment. <3
remember a couple nights ago when dad was like" i was opera singing about my food and i said i need the jam to put on my ham!"
your team

Jenn S. said...

Did Shack tell you that I said this to her before I made her braid my hair? Cause I did and she did make it look like Quinn's and I was happy.

Thanks J. xoxo

PS - If you need anyone to flush your toilet - Will is your man. Cause he taught himself yesterday and now crawls into the bathroom whenever he can to flush (again and again). I guess I need to potty train him . . . ;)

Jenn S. said...

PS - WHAT happened with Cornmeal?