Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can I hold your foot?

The first day back from vacation is always the hardest. Luckily I had a lovely time with my Life Coach & Co and got to spend some quality time with Jacko (since she will be gone for the summer).

A lot is going on at work so I was really anxious to get back. I keep thinking that things will calm down and I will get into some sort of pattern, but it never seems to happen. I am thankful for new opportunities and am looking forward to the future (I may grow a few gray hairs in the process).

Also, a special thanks to Mr. Bieber for providing the soundtrack to this mini vaca. We sang 'Baby, Baby, Baby' a million times. And then we found out he got a tattoo and we were kind of over to him. (Kind of like when I found out KK got a tattoo, whatever to that.)

Anyway, I only took a few pics, but I assure you that we had a wonderful time and spend plenty of money. Now I just need to figure out when I can go back.


Jenn S. said...

Glad that you had fun! Come to Dallas next. :)

JB is like nails on a chalkboard to me. :(

Elayna said...

What does the title of your post mean?