Saturday, May 22, 2010

I think I was born with the wrong hair color.

-So, in honor of some Pacman anniversary,'s homepage has Pacman on it. I've been playing it for the past 2 days and I just barely realized it spells 'Google' within the Pacman game. Duh.

-This is a good story. About 2 years ago I was driving up to work in the Caddy. The little message thing on the dashboard pops up that my oil life is 'low'. I ignored it and kept driving. A few minutes later it popped up that the oil life was at 0%. I immediately called my mom and dad but they didn't answer. So I called my friend Kristi at work and told her I was going to be late because I 'had' to stop and get an oil change. I was literally freaking out on the freeway because I thought that it was like gas and that when it was low you had to stop immediately and get more. Seriously.

I remembered this story when the oil light came on today. Luckily I am smarter now and didn't have a panic attack.

Hope that made you laugh. Have a happy weekend.


Jacqueline M said...

one time when i was like 15 (or older) i was sitting in the car waiting for mom or something. And she left the keys with me in case it got too hot. So i was like really hot and i was like ok ill turn the car on for some A.C. but then i saw the gas thing and it was all the way too empty so i didnt turn the car on cuz i was afraid we would run outta gas....umm ya now that is special needs right there.

Cassidee Iva said...

You crack me up! I miss your face!
Oh and PS I'm going to stalk you through your blog! Hope you don't mind!
Love ya! :)