Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Baby, It's Cold Outside

So it is seriously freezing outside. When I went to school this afternoon I seriously thought that my nose was going to fall off. It's seriously a good thing that it didn't because I don't think I'd look good without a nose.
I seriously fully anticipate that it will snow tonight and that this will be my view in the morning.
I know that I quite often complain about living in Utah, but sometimes it isn't all that bad. I mean, having Sundance 15 minutes away really is quite cool. It makes up for a lot of the other not so good things that come with living in Happy Valley.
Anyway, D. Will and the boys beat the NJ Nets last night. Thank goodness. And I just totally did well on my Vertebrate Zoology test, pretty much cause I'm awesome. Haha. If more people would read my blog, I would be more inclined to post things more often. Ok, so make comments. I changed it so you can.
And also, ya'll should check out this guy on You Tube, merrill howard kalin, he's totally crazy and it left me rolling with laughter on the floor. It's a good laugh for a night like this.


Peter said...

You'll unfortunately learn very quickly that although many people read your blog often times they are too shy to comment. I can't say that I miss those really cold days...because I don't.

Birdee said...


Can I just say I love you! Yep, I do. I'm disappointed that it hasn't snowed yet though...grrr. (At least your nose hasn't fallen off!) Go D Will!