Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas Touring

So.... I woke up this morning and was just pretty much sitting around doing nothing. My mom comes down and is like, Marie called and she was wondering if you'd go out on tour with her for the first couple of days. So, I'm like ok?!? It turns out, she's going on a Christmas tour, with the kids, and needed someone to help with the younger ones until the real nanny could catch up.

I've grown up with them, so it's no biggie. I even call her my "Auntie Marie." So, I'm flying out next Thursday to Minnesota, and then going to NJ and then I think Chicago. I'm way excited. It's like being a pseudo-celebrity. Haha. So, if you see me on or in People magazine, don't be surprised.

It's not really great with the timing and all, being that finals are in 2 weeks, but I figure it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. And since I pretty much have A's in all of my classes (and yeah, they're all upper division), I'm not really sweating it. Merry Christmas!

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Peter said...

Now that is luxury.