Saturday, November 17, 2007

Utah Jazz

Ok, so I've decided to make a blog. Mainly because my cousin Peter's is so much fun to read. It will probably be filled with lots of random things, and it is most certainly sure to be a little awkward. Haha. So, for my first post ever I will tell you about my love of the Utah Jazz.

My infatuation started long ago when I was about 10 years old. This was back in the good old Stockton-Malone era. I remember faithfully watching all of those seasons where the Jazz would make it to the playoffs, only to be beaten by Jordan and the Bulls, over and over again.

Throughout my lucrative teenage years, I lost interest in the Jazz. Mainly because they sucked. But, then last season I was reintroduce to the magic that is now Boozer and Williams. Go D. Will!! I faithfully watch every game, and if I regrettably miss one, I'm crushed.

Last week I had the great opportunity to attend another Jazz game with my cousin Peter (and my crazy sisters and friends). It was awesome. We won, of course. But, unfortunately the Jazz lost last night against LeBron and the Cavs. It was bad. But, tonight they're playing the Pacers and I'm pretty sure we'll win. If not, I'm gonna have a terrible weekend. Go Jazz!!

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Paige said...

Hee hee! I remember when you were 10 and just beginning your infatuation with the Jazz. Brian was a HUGE Bulls fan then and couldn't STAND the Jazz. I bet you were thrilled when the Jazz beat our Blazers last week. ;)