Saturday, December 8, 2007

Random Insights

These are just a couple of things that I felt I needed to comment on. Just some of my observations. Please enjoy.

-Yesterday I saw a woman breast feeding her baby while driving. I just don't quite understand. Is it really that necessary? Can you not pull over for 5 minutes to feed your child? Not only are you putting your life and your baby's at risk, you are endangering all of those on the road around you. If any of you ladies are ever tempted to do this, please refrain. It's just plain disturbing.

-There is a stereotypical look in Utah Valley. I'm convinced that there is a factory on the other side of the lake that produces girls with big hair, fake tans, nasty makeup, fake nails and fake boobs. I saw two such specimans today. They walked into a store within minutes of each other. Both were wearing jeans tucked into furry boots, and puffy jackets with fur trim. Each had very fake extensions in barrel curls, and had a slight orange glow emitting from their epidermis. I am usually very observant about the current "trend" down in Happy Valley and usually try to avoid it at all costs.

-I'm totally OCD. I love to buy things just to have them. This is a big problem when it comes to any sort of cosmetics. I love make-up, hair products, and basically anything you'd find at Bath & Body or Sephora. I have complete, expensive make-up sets that I have only used once. I wish they had some kind of support group I could join, but I doubt that it would help. I should probably only be allowed to visit Nordstrom twice a year, and even then only be allowed to stay for 1 hour.

-My boys are having a very hard roadtrip. D. Will is playing incrediby well everynight, and walks off the floor after every loss looking very disappointed. It's as if they're playing a 2 man show with D. Will and Booze. Somebody else needs to step up on a consistant basis. Every now and then Okur will have a good night, but there needs to be another go to man. My poor Deron cannot make every play happen. As I'm typing this they are getting slaughtered by the Mavs, despite the valient effort from Deron.

-On the same note, I seriously cannot miss watching a game. I feel panicked whenever I miss a game. I feel like they need me to be watching and cheering them on. Crazy, I know. I'm concerned because there is a game against Portland on Tuesday night and I have 2 finals Wednesday morning, the first one being at 7 am. Hopefully this will be one of the games that Comcast puts on On Demand so that I can watch it the next day.

-I am not meaning for this to become a Jazz post but, I vote for D. Will everyday on to be in the All-Star game. If any of you feel so inclined to do so as well, I, along with Deron would greatly appreciate it.

-My BMW has issues. I swear that beemers are pre-programmed to start falling apart after 100,000 miles. I love my car, but I am sick and tired of it being retarded. I think that the brilliant people of BMW of Pleasant Grove have finally diagnosed the problem, after having the car there for the second time in a month. At first they said it was a bad battery, but after placing a brand new battery and having the exact same thing happen, they now say it's a starter. And of course since it's a beemer, it's expensive to fix. Whatever. I'm driving the Escalade in the mean time so I'm not going to complain.

-I love the song Soulja Boy. I know it's tacky and I don't understand all of the words but, it's just a fun song to listen to and blare really loud while cruisin in the Caddy.

-I love the smells of Christmas, especially evergreens.

-I quit drinking Diet Coke this summer. It really wasn't that big of a deal but last week when I was on tour I swear I had like 10. But, I'm back to water now so I'm not concerned.

-Last basketball post, I promise. I love the NBA commercials where they show still shots of different games and such, with the headline " Where ____ happens" and then fill in the blank with different pics (like Steve Nash's bloody nose) or words like commitment. I find them to be very motivational.

-Ok that's all for now. D. Will has single-handedly resurrected the Jazz. The game is really close and I must give it my full attention.


Anonymous said...

what about your P.Js

chrissi said...

breastfeeding and driving is called multitasking that was a very good use of time.

I seriously didn't know you were that luxury seriously

I too am a product whore. I freely admit it. I love stuff and lots of it.

cute blog!! smooches from the chillins

Birdee said...

Hahahahahaha...I seriously laughed for 10 minutes straight! I was reading some of your comments to people around me and even they were laughing. But how in the world does anyone manage to breast feed a baby while driving?! She needs to have that child taken away from her if she's that big of an idiot!!! I also try to stay away from the Happy Valley factory too. You come out a mutant. I'd say I'm about as fashionless as it gets. Poor D. Will. He'll whip those Jazz into shape. Just you watch! :)

4WheelinDemon said...

Danielle, Your observations are great. I noticed that same thing about the girls. I call it the Utah Valley look. I'm not a fan of that type of look. It's boring. And the Jazz do need you, but I think they would rather you do well on your finals. I know I asked them. So relax and take a breather.

Jenn S. said...

Hi Danielle!

Peter sent me the link to your blog and I love it. Keep on keepin' on.


Paige said...

Gosh,your inbox is going to be so full of dumb comments from me... anyway -- Brian and I were in Vegas over Thanksgiving and caught both of the BYU basketball games while we were there. I was SHOCKED to see the wives of the players. They were EXACTLY the Utah Valley look you described. So gross!! Just one more reason I am glad we don't live in Utah. I don't want my little girls growing up wanting to look like THAT.