Friday, February 15, 2008

Who's Your Disney Dream Date?

My mom sent me this funny quiz to see what kind of dream date you want. It shouldn't come as a shock that I picked mostly D's. Apparently I'm "high maintainance". Who knew?

1. Whose help would you seek to find true love?
A. I just follow my heart
B. Destiny will bring me and my true love together
C. I let adventure be my guide
D. The Millionaire Fairy Godmother
E. "The Big Book of Tricks and Treachery"

2. Define an ideal relationship:
A. Finding my soul mate
B. Living happily ever after
C. My partner shares my wicked sense of humor and quick reflexes
D. Having my every whim catered to
E. Control, trickery, and anything else I can get away with

3. How would you describe yourself?
A. Shucks! Just a regular person.
B. Dreamy and romantic
C. Roguish and exciting
D. Highly demanding ... I only want the best
E. Looking out for number one

4. Which personality type do you prefer?
A. My best friend
B. I look for someone heroic and regal
C. Bold and sassy
D. Unquestionably adoring
E. One that takes the least amount of effort on my part

5. How many frogs would you kiss to find your prince or princess?
A. As many as it takes
B. Hmmm ... how many frogs have a royal pedigree?
C. I'm not squeamish about frogs, but kissing people is much more fun
D. Zero ... I refuse to kiss slimy amphibians
E. Frogs would actually be a step up

6. Name your idea of the perfect date:
A. A picnic in the park
B. A carriage ride, then a kiss on the castle parapet
C. Anything thrilling and possibly dangerous
D. Flying the Concorde to a fully-staffed ch√Ęteau
E. Seriously ... isn't being with me perfect enough?

7. What would be the worst date ever?
A. Any place with a velvet rope
B. A burping contest
C. A nice long visit with my true love's prissy aunt
D. Anything cheap, free, boorish, or bourgeois
E. Being forced to compromise my own personal fun

8. Which gift says "I love you" best?
A. A handpicked bouquet of daisies
B. Keys to the castle
C. A handwrought dagger
D. Any outrageously expensive trinket
E. Gift? I take what I want when I want it!

9. If you could spend a romantic weekend anywhere, where would it be?
A. It doesn't matter as long as I'm with the one I love
B. A Bavarian castle would make a cozy getaway
C. Preferably not in jail!
D. Any five-star location that's sunny, warm, and tropical
E. Who needs romantic weekends when they have me all week?

10. Which food inspires romance?
A. Chocolate
B. A 12-course banquet
C. Stolen bread, eaten on the run
D. Me ... I'm the yummiest morsel around
E. I find magic potions more useful

11. Which song sums up your ideal relationship?
A. You'll Be in My Heart
B. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes
C. Bella Notte
D. A Whole New World
E. Poor Unfortunate Souls

12. Name the ultimate honeymoon:
A. Canoodling at a quaint little inn before a fireplace
B. Redecorating the castle
C. Evading pursuit as we sail into the sunset
D. Being pampered and waited on ... with the best of everything
E. Staying single and free as a bird

Mostly/All "A" Answers -- Girl/Guy Next Door:Wholesome as apple pie, you're the one that parents admire and suitors dream about! Your quintessential love matches include Woody ("Toy Story"), Troy ("High School Musical"), Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Gabrielle ("High School Musical"), and Belle ("Beauty and the Beast"). True love is waiting... you just need to get out and find it!

Mostly/All "B" Answers -- Prince or Princess:For you, it's all about the fairy-tale romance! You thrill to the classic Princes and Princesses who have always represented Disney romance, and would happily move into your true love's castle, given the chance. You could find true love with the likes of Princes Edward, Eric, or Philip, or Princesses Cinderella, Aurora, or Giselle. Just remember it's not the size of the castle or the bank account, but the size of the heart, that is the mark of the true prince or princess.

Mostly/All "C" Answers -- The Rascal with a Heart of Gold:You'll never lack for excitement in your life -- you are either smitten with lovable rogues ... or are one yourself! We're not talking BAD guys here, but your romantic type frequently finds itself in hot water. We're betting a woman like you will swoon for the likes of Captain Jack Sparrow ("Pirates of the Caribbean"), Tramp ("Lady and the Tramp"), and the Beast/Prince ("Beauty and the Beast"). If you're a man, your perfect partner would need the spunk of Jessie ("Toy Story 2"), Mulan, or Nala ("The Lion King") to steal your heart -- and keep up with you.

Mostly/All "D" Answers -- High Maintenance: The good news is that you appreciate all the finer things in life and expect nothing less than the best. The not-so-great news? Some would consider you high maintenance -- or at the least hard to please. Looks like you'd get along just peachy with Joe Kingman ("The Game Plan"), Lighting McQueen ("Cars"), Kuzco ("The Emperor's New Groove"), Colette (Disney*Pixar's "Ratatouille"), Princess Jasmine ("Aladdin"), or Sharpay ("High School Musical"). Good luck, 'cause you're gonna need it!

Mostly/All "E" Answers -- Full-on Villain:You're drawn to trouble like flies on wet pizza! Not to worry though, you'll find plenty of romantic drama with Davy Jones ("Pirates of the Caribbean"), Gaston ("Beauty and the Beast"), Jafar ("Aladdin"), Queen Narissa ("Enchanted"), Maleficent ("Sleeping Beauty"), or even Ursula ("The Little Mermaid"). Or you may want to rethink staying single this Valentine's Day. Either way, spread the love and try not to hurt anybody!

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