Friday, August 1, 2008

Classic Skating.

So, when babysitting, I think it is important to have lots of things planned so the kids aren't bored and sitting around the house all day long. Yesterday, was a jam packed day of fun. First, we went to the pool and swam for a few hours. Unfortunately I got totally burnt and am paying for it today. Afterwards we went to Classic Skating because it was dollar day. (Trust me, Classic Skating isnt' worth more than a dollar under any circumstances.) Let's just say that Classic Skating hasn't changed one bit since I went there as a young teenager. It's grimy, smelly and leaves you feeling like you need to bath in Purell after leaving. The same girls who are way to mature for their 13 years are still abundant, as well are the 13 year old boys who look like they're about 16. Let's just say that I'm sure there is a lot of naughty business going on within the groups of teenagers that hang out at Classic Skating. Most surprisingly, I saw a young teenage girl who was probably about 8 months pregnant out rollarblading on the rink. Interesting. After sitting there for about an hour and a half, I was so glad that I was no longer a teenager and that I could look upon these children with a sense of accomplishment that I never hung out at the Classic Skating like they were doing. Yikes. Seriously, if you ever have the chance to go the the Classic Skating, GO!!!! It's like a human experiment gone seriously wrong. It is some of the best people I've experienced in a while. Most importantly, the kids I am watching had fun and were completely oblivious to the wackiness going around them.


chrissi said...

we had Skate Land, it was old, gross and nasty 100 years ago. Why is it there is no clean well lit, naughty-free places to skate? Also, why in the world would a luxury girl like you choose to take people to Classic Skating, the most un-lux place in Orem? Not right...not right

Jacqueline M said...

Do You Wanna Snow Ball With Me?