Monday, August 4, 2008

I think I can, I think I can.....

It's 3 am.  I'm up.  I'm 'trying' to study.  I'm so bored with statistics, who really cares anyway.  At this point, a D- is looking good!!  Haha.  Honestly, I think that if I just went and took the tests right now I'd walk out with at least a C so I'm feeling pretty good about the fact that I'm studying and putting some effort into it.  Let me just offer a little advice, don't plan on graduating at the end of Summer semester.  It's absolutely miserable.  I am very much hoping that this is the last time that I will stay up all night for at least the next year.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  I desperately need some sleep.  But, the goal is very much in sight and at this point I think that I might just get there!

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