Monday, August 4, 2008

You know what,

Stephenie Meyer,

I am over to you.

At least until the movie comes out.  If it's good, we may be able to salvage what we had.  Also, maybe if you write all of the books from Edward's point of view, I'd read your work again.

The release of this book was pretty much the only fun thing I had to look forward to all summer (well that and graduating!).  And I am so bummed now.  It's nothing like I thought it would be.  Eww, I'm just very disappointed.  I had high hopes.  I guess I'll just have to re-write the final book in my dreams.  (I make a better Bella anyway, so hah!)

Not very sincerely,


Amy said...

I agree about waiting for Edward's books...There wasn't enough of him in this last book...Still fun, though!

The Pendletons said...

Well you get what you deserve all you crazy twilight people. :)

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i'm soooo with you!!! it's well written, but definitely my least fave so far...