Monday, January 28, 2008

My Boyfriend is Hot (on and off the court)

Ok, I don't mean to bore you with 2 blogs within the space of 10 minutes, but who knows when I'll have the chance to blog again. Life is nothing less than CRAZY this semester. I have a few free minutes right now, so I will share some of my thoughts.

-I got the high score on my microbiology test. This is pretty luxury because it was a very hard/tricky test. I felt very proud of myself.

-I'm digging the new OneRepulic song "Stop and Stare." It's very good, ya'll should check it out.

-The Jazz have reclaimed the top spot in the Northwest division. Kyle helped win last nights game against Houston with 2 3-pointers with a few minutes to go. And then tonight he made an amazing 3-pointer in the last minute of the game to put the Spurs away for good. I work tomorrow, up in SLC, I wonder where the Jazz boys hang out?? Haha. JK. But, I'm planning on going to the game against Golden State on the 19th. That should be a good game, mainly because Baron Davis is a pretty amazing player. I wonder what it would take to trade him to our team?

-The weather in Utah is officially unluxury. We basically had a white out today. My poor Aunt Sara was involved in a massive pile-up, but escaped but was pretty beaten up. Her car was totalled. I'm a little nervous about driving to SLC in the morning.

-I still love Kyle Korver. I just thought I would put that in for good measure.

-I have a lucky Jazz sweatshirt, and whenever I wear it the Jazz win.

-I think that I'm going to finish writing my paper on the communication of plants using the underground information superhighway. Rather unluxury, yet still interesting. If I ever need to perform dental procedures on plants, I'll definitely know how they communicate. Yah. Good night.


momof2furballs said...

I tried calling Sara all night, but it was busy the whole time. Grandma said she was on the phone with Uncle Mike as it happened, and then her phone randomly dialed Holly's house and Holly and Amy heard the whole thing. It's soo scary, but I'm glad to know Sara is okay.

Good job on your test! And good luck on your paper. =0)

Peter said...

I will keep my eyes open for KK tonight.