Sunday, January 4, 2009

'Festivus for the rest of us.'

I had a very nice Holiday celebration this year.  Mostly because I spent a lot of time with this fine woman:
Please call 1-800-xtina-4you for all of your life coaching needs.  She gives very good advice!

So, this may just be my longest post ever, but I wanted to get everything in.  There are a lot of pics, so that should be luxury.  Our Holiday festivities started off on Christmas day when Jenn Jenn and family came over for dinner.

Kitty Kate finally decided that she 'kind of' likes other people besides her mom.
Oh Shacklyn.

Then, the day after Christmas the Basker's arrived.  They had been praying for snow and they were not disappointed. 
Mr. Basker himself.
Gabby seemed to be the 'favorite'.  Whatever to her.
They came equipped with snow attire.  (Note Gavin's pink gloves!)
Haydie the ski bunny.

These two slowly became friends.
This pic pretty much sums up Jac's happy existence.  
He has a lot of orders.
Haydan was always a little cautious around Dooney.

One day we went to Cabelas.  I have never been there before, and it oh most definitely was not disappointing.
Trailer Christmas light for you trailer!

Camille didn't quite get the whole Cabela's experience.
This kid definitely enjoyed all that Cabelas had to offer.

Gabes was very impressed as well.

Haydan liked all the little animals.
The crew.  And, proof for Peter that Don wore the Nordic sweater.
Just in case anyone was wondering, this is what I want for my birthday.
You know, just some of Utah's local wild life.
With the fishies.

After going to Cabelas we drove up to Salt Lake.  Don drove us to the Capitol Building and we tried to look for KK's house ( I really have NO clue where it is, we were just driving in fancy neighborhoods).  And then we went to the Mayan for dinner.  
These two gals were reunited and had a very nice time.
Right after this pic was taken, Haydan went over to her mom to tell her there was too much naughty business going on.

Gabes was having a 'teenage moment'.
Mr. Business.
Oh cute.
Everyone just loves this kid.

This scary man came and tried to steal my camera.
Kate very much enjoyed the diving show.  I had to hold onto her so she didn't jump into the pool herself.

Then, after going to the Mayan, we went to Temple Square.  But, we parked at the Grand America (just cause we're luxury like that) and rode the Trax (so Gavin could ride a train.)

These two were doing naughty business.  You are not supposed to stand on the yellow line!

One night we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  

One day we went up to Soldier Hollow to go sledding.  It was a beautiful, clear day.  Last year it was snowing the whole time.  That's unluxury.  Of course, afterward we went to the 'train restaurant' for lunch.

Haydan was 'over to the snow' after about 30 minutes.
Savvy figured out that you can just have the older people pull you around everywhere.

Gavin went down the hill all by himself!

New Year's Eve was fun too.  We had everyone over at our house for dinner.  Gavin was a little tired out.  He fell asleep at the table.

Scacklyn got all fancied up for a church dance.
I put 'fancy' makeup on Haydan.

And then of course Bronte had to get in on the sparkle action.
Bronte was the only kid who stayed up late.  

My Grandma came over too.

Shacklyn and Mermaid getting ready to head out.  I was safely in bed around 11:30.  Unfortunately everyone made a bad decision and left early the next morning.  Now, it is very boring and quiet around our house. 

(Peter, Uncle Peter also came, but apparently they were not taking calls to have their photos taken.)


Paige said...

Danielle, I love your posts. They make me smile. And if you are EVER up here in my neck of the woods, would you please come do a sparkle makeover on ME??? You and your sisters always look so fab. I could use some pointers. :) Glad you had a happy holiday!

Amy said...

I am so loving all your pictures!!!

Jackie said...

LOVE all your pics!!!

The Pendletons said...

That was quite the long post. I am glad that you enjoyed your holidays so much. Happy Birthday!

chrissi said...

we had a blast!!! thanks for the fun time and all the pictures. We will try not to make bad decisons in 2009.

Mrs Basker

Birdee said...

Festivus is my favorite holiday. No seriously.

I loved your pictures! So fun!

Jenn S. said...

Ahh - D, that was awesome. For some reason I took like three pictures our entire trip. Good thing we have you as our family historian . . . :)

We had so much fun - can't wait to have you here in a few weeks!!! xoxox