Monday, March 2, 2009

I know...

I got the dreaded email today that it is time to update my blog.  I feel like my head is spinning at 1000 mph and it hasn't stopped for like a month.  So, the blog has been shoved down toward the bottom of my to do list.  Hopefully I will get my act together and come up with something witty to post on here very soon.  In the mean time, I'll keep on plugging along.  Oh, and also I promise to post about my luxury time in San Diego.  Peace out y'all.

(P.S. Dear X-tina, 
I tried to call you today but you did not answer.  I just wanted to inform you that I will be in the Whittier area from March 14-21 and was wondering if you wanted to hang out??)


Jacqueline M said...

Ps. Xtina I WILL BE THERE TOO!! your favorite :) Umm I also tried to call you...and you werent taking calls...whats up with that? Um also Jenn Jenn could be kickin it in cali with us if she just wouldnt peace out a day early!

chrissi said...

Dearest Jacko and Danielly,

Of course I want to hang out. Bring alot of money because we can't have fun for free. Please bring the goods and a pink cookie and my dvd of the women.

Cookie Brenier
ps D your cookies are here!

Grandma Holly said...

It was good to see you at the airport in Salt Lake.

Anonymous said...

wassup... i feel totally left out! You really need to to take a rocking awesome southern adventure. Oh and you need to write me... it's been a long time sence i got any fan mail.(maybe a good hand written if time allowes?!)