Friday, March 6, 2009

Mi casa.

Please note that it is only about 60% done.  (Someone in Whittier was just a little to anxious to see it.)  I am still waiting on a cushion for my window box seat that will match the headboard.  Also, I have a really cute mirror to hang up.  I'm thinking that I am going to hang up a couple of my pink D&B purses with these really cute princess crown hooks, thoughts?

These are pics of me from when I was little.  They have always been in the living room, but now the living room is gold and red, luckily they match my room perfectly.  Wasn't I the cutest kid?  (None of my sisters ever had pics like this hanging in the living room! Ha.)
I think that the headboard needs to be raised like 6 inches.  I don't like the pillows all flat like this.
I still need to go get a flat screen.  It would help if I was home for more than like 2 days a month.

I think I am going to get this really cute green and white chair from Pottery Barn kids. And, I'm going to have my desk painted.  I just don't know if I should have it done white, pink or green.  Ugh.  

I also need to get new curtains.  I just don't know what to go with.  Maybe plantation shutters? 

OH, and I think I need a chandelier with lots of pink on it.  That would be very luxury.


Amy said...

I need a chandelier! Love the room!

Jenn S. said...

soooo idea for the desk, distressed light limey green..Chandelier is a must it's darling

Jacqueline M said...

im over to this

The Pendletons said...

isn't your room a little too bright to sleep at night. It sure is pink. I do like it though.