Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2009 NBA Playoffs

So, since my Jazz are facing 'certain death' in the first round of the playoffs, I decided that I needed to find another team to cheer for to win the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy.  I thought long and hard about how exactly to do this.  Then it occurred to me: base your decision on who has the hottest player.  Well, this is all a little subjective because I obviously think KK is the best thing that has ever happened to the great game of basketball.  So, I went through each team and picked the hottest player (I had a really hard time b/c some teams were slapped with the ugly stick):


LA Lakers - Shannon Brown (I bet you thought I was gonna say Kobe.  Ewww.)
Denver Nuggets - Sonny Weems (WHO? He's the only one who didn't make me want to vomit.)
Houston Rockets - Shane Battier (Who else was I supposed to pick?  Yao!?!)
Portland Trailblazers - Brandon Roy (He's ok looking...from far away.)
San Antonio Spurs - Tony Parker (His wife has nice hair & he speaks french.)
New Orleans Hornets - Christopher Paul (8>3, but he is pretty cute.)

Dallas Mavericks - I honestly couldn't find anyone.  I really tried.

Utah Jazz - do you even have to guess?  (Look at that hair!  It drives me wild.)

Cleveland Cavaliers - LBJ (he is the 'King'.)
Boston Celtics - Leon Powe (Wow.  Look at those arms.)
Orlando Magic - Dwight Howard (Oh, come on.  He's Superman.)
Atlanta -Detroit:  It would be very unwise to even think that any of these teams even have a chance.  Plus, I'm kinda bored.

After much consideration and picture searching here is my conclusion:


I will continue to cheer for my team until the bitter end.  They need me more than ever to cheer them on and build them up.  I'll proudly wear pink, sparkly KK t-shirt during every game vs. LA.  I will endure the painful text messages from my cousin who happens to be a Faker fan.  So, bring it LA.  (Yeah, I went there.)


shan1420 said...

mmmm i like....

shan1420 said...

you just like that one guy cause his name is shannon and you love me. I'm flattered, you still haven't talked to me in ages and I even comment on your blog, Howie would be very disappointed.

Peter said...

I'm wearing my Kobe jersey right now. When you sent that text the other night, I thought wow...that might have a been a bit premature.

Jacqueline M said...

That was a very good blog. When you were telling me about it I was like humm but now im like yaaa