Sunday, April 5, 2009

I need your help.

I have an addiction.  I am totally ok with this addiction, in fact it's a great one to have.  But, it tends to cause problems for me.  I have so many adorable Dooney & Bourke purses that I can't decide which one to carry around town.  
I have been using this green one for the past few weeks and I LOVE it.  But, I get the feeling that my other purses are lonely and so it is time to switch.  I was looking through my purses this morning and I couldn't decide which one to get out of it's protective bag.  Then it dawned on me; ask your blog peeps.  So, please help me decide which bag I should use for the next couple of weeks.  (Please note that these are just the ones that I had in my closet, I'm too lazy to walk downstairs and get the rest.)  Please leave me a comment with your suggestion.  Thank you.
This is my 'graduation' bag.  It is probably my fav, but I'm also nervous about getting it dirty.
I love this one that my friends got me for graduation, it's big and waterproof.  Perfect for this crazy weather.
Ok, obviously this one is a package deal.  The bag has seen better days, but it does have a matching umbrella for those 'April showers'.  Plus the matching watch and rolly-bag are perfect for my jet-setting lifestyle.
I have only ever used this one a hand-ful of times.  It's pretty small, but it has a matching watch which I love.
This bag has been everywhere.  It's fun and roomy.
I love this one, but it's probably better for the fall.
This is my 'special occasion' bag.  Good thing I have the matching wallet and watch.  Now, I just need somewhere fancy to go!

Ok, hurry and tell me which one to use.  I'll switch next weekend.


shan1420 said...

stick with the green

chrissi said...

I vote for the black and white special occasion because you are a very fancy special occasion kind of a girl and did you go buy the super cute one you blogged about? If you did start using that one!

Jenn S. said...

I say the new one that you have posted about below - so cute and springy!

Elayna said...

I like the blue one. Who knows when this crazy weather will stop? Normally, I'd vote for the one with combo (I've even seen you use the suitcase as a backpack...), but I've never seen the blue one before. It's good to mix it up now and then.

The Pendletons said...