Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Camille LaVona.

I can't believe that my little Camilley is 15.  Of coarse, I always take it for granted that Camille is so young, because we pretty much do everything together.  I think we are twins seperated by 7 years.  Like me, Camille enjoys the finer things in life, and that always makes her a great shopping buddy.  Even when Camille was little, if anyone was going somewhere, she'd say "I'na go."  To this day Camille loves to go anywhere and everywhere.  Camille also has the sweetest, kindest spirit.  She is always so sweet and gentle, especially with babies.  My goal is to get Camille to go to dental school too one day so that we can be partners!  

I spent over a half an hour going through pictures trying to find the perfect one to put on this post.  But, since Camille is so beautiful it was really hard.  I finally 'setteled' on this one, because it was from one of her ANTM photo shoots.  Haha.  Don't we all wish that we could have been this gorgeous when we were going through those 'awkward' teenage years.  As stunning as Camilley is on the outside, she is even more amazing on the inside.

The only 'bad' thing about Camille is that she steals lip gloss.  But, she's so cute so I always end up buying her more of her own anyway.  Whatever.

I love you, Camilley.


Jackie said...

I'm jealous of her eyebrows. And her hair. And her makeup. And... her beauty during that awkward stage! Not fair!!! lol!

Amy said...

I always have thought she was older than she was. And I think she is the only person I know who never really had an awkward phase...we love her!

Grandma Holly said...

I am jealous of her eyebrows. I have hardly any. Camille dont rub your eye brows or you;ll look like mine. Camille is 15 wow....She is taller than me, not fair. I am the Aunt. All the McKeon girls are all gorgeous.

Jenn S. said...

Happy Birthday Camille!

Love you.

PS - Keep your eye out for the mail next week. ;)

The Pendletons said...

Tell Camille I said Happy Birthday. She is really beautiful.

Camille said...

thanks yall that was touching. p.s. i love you too, and i want to go to dental school with you so we can be partners! and thank you everybody else!