Thursday, October 16, 2008

Welcome back.

Thank goodness that it's not summer time anymore.  I really was getting sick and tired of not having a Jazz game to look forward to every night.  Never to fear, my boys are back.  Yes, it may be pre-season, but I don't care.  There is nothing better than getting to watch my fav team play.  From what I can tell, they look good, and the new additions over the summer seem to be fitting in.  While watching the games, I chat about it here, mostly because no one in my house cares as much about it as I do.  My dad always watches the games with me, but he doesn't like to watch the post-show interviews, which is unfortunate because KK usually gets interviewed, and sometimes he's shirtless.  Luxury.

Speaking of KK, he seems to be on his A-game this year.  Which is good, because sometimes he doesn't, and it gets very frustrating for me to watch.  

All of you are more than welcome to come to my house and watch a game with me.  I tend to have some very colorful commentary.


Peter said...

Ok, you need to settle down. Calm down about Korver and realize the Lakers are the class of the Western Conference.

birdee said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA...I thought about you when I saw (or heard about) the first pre-season game. What will you do when you head off to London? Does the Eastern civilization like the USA sport?