Saturday, October 4, 2008

A story told by pictures.

I had a nice drive into work the other morning, even though it was pitch black outside.  

P.S.  I love heated seats when it's a bit nippy outside.


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

another fan of heated seats;0)

Jackie said...

I love your new scheme, so fall-ish, but yet not at the same time.

Maybe I should change mine like you & J too??? Maybe. If I'm bored. lol.

Jacqueline M said...


Jenn S. said...

Oh no, that was a little scary. I saw the porcshe and then the blind guy and thought OH NO!

Blind guy + Porsche = Trip to the Emergency Room.

I'm glad it was only his music in the car. ;)

The Pendletons said...

Thanks for the ride in your luxury ride... Oh wait that's right you didn't give me a ride. :(