Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sometimes things in life are hard.

So, I have been watching this show since it first came on.  I have watched every season, and now they are on the 13th cycle.  Sometimes I think that I would like to be on this show.  But, I think I would probably be too nervous of losing the whole time and wouldn't be able to accomplish anything.  

By far my favorite season was the one with Charla and Mirna.  Here are a few highlights:

I love the way she says 'Charla'.  It seriously cracks me up.

Ok, so while I was watching tonight, I seriously was thinking to myself 'what am I doing?'  This show gives me such anxiety.  I am like a nervous wreck for the whole hour.  Especially when people almost miss flights, or come close to being eliminated.  At least I can admit that I have a problem.


Peter said...

Danielle, I love Mirna and Shmirna. I don't watch this show every season but sometimes I really get into it when I do. I was so mad when Rob and Amber lost to Uchena and Joyce. It was an outrage when the pilot opened the plane. And there was that one couple from Texas who were so intense and he wouldn't pay the cabby in Africa, and he said something like "My ox is broken." But by far my favorites were Gretchen and Meredith. Meredith was the husband and Gretchen was ALWAYS freaking out. OH Meredith. I used to do an impression of Gretchen that always involved her having loose bowels (if you know what I mean) and it would literally make my mom cry with tears of laughter. I love the Amazing Race.

Jackie said...

I think I only watched the first season, but I'm with you on getting really nervous for them!

Jacqueline M said...