Thursday, November 5, 2009

The pivotal of unluxury.

You should probably listen to this while reading this post:

So, I was on my way to work this morning. Since the weather was nice I've been driving the Porsche this week (because hey, why not?). I hadn't even gone 3 miles on the freeway when I start to hear this thud-thud sound and then the car feels like it is on a bumpy country road. So, then I get over into the slow lane and I'm thinking that I can make it to the next exit, but then I look in my rear view mirror and I all I see is smoke. UGH. So I pull over to the shoulder, don't even bother getting out to inspect and immediately call AAA to send help (SOS!!). Then I call my dad and tell him to come pick me up. I waited there for a while, my dad came and then soon after the tow-truck man came and hoisted the Porsche onto his truck bed. It was all pretty exciting and quite frustrating at the same time.


-I didn't even cry once. Good on me.

-If you don't have AAA, you need to call them immediately and sign up. It's only like $50 a year, and they will either come and change your tire or tow you to a repair shop. Luxury.

-Apparently this is what I get for 'showing off' the day before. Whatever.


Peter said...

Sorry Danilee, but look on the bright side. You were driving a Porsche and the Jazz beat the Spurs.

chrissi said...

one word