Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Recently someone pointed out to me that I blog about the same subjects over and over again. In my defense (which the Jazz know nothing about), I've heard that you are supposed to write about what you know. So apparently I know: pink, D&B, vacationing and KK (and a few very other selective things).

That same someone suggested that I blog about 'fighting' with my sisters. Done. I have actually heard from quite a few people that they would love to be a fly on the wall at my house and observe the goings-on of 4 girls. Well, your wish is my command.

-I may have just got into a yelling match with Shacklyn because I 'accidentally' deleted tonight's episode of 'America's Next Top Model'. It really was an accident.

-Camille came down to the kitchen earlier while Shacklyn and I were playing Skip-Bo (awesome game, btw) and showed us that Timpview now has it's own Gossip Girl sight. Then Camille very awkwardly asked if we thought one of the stories about a sophomore was really about her. To which Jac and I replied 'Camille, no one is that obsessed with you.' AWKWARD.

-Shacklyn and I love to call each other 'HTM: Hot Tranny Mess'

-There is a daily battle in our bathroom concerning my eyelash curler. Cameo thinks that mine is the best (duh) and so she steals it EVERYDAY! On mornings when I am out the door by 6, I will wake Camille up and make her go find the eyelash curler. Cruel, yes.

So, I think this should be a new regular feature on my blog. Yea or Nay?


Shums said...


Seriously, though, that was funny. And you referenced me like three times.

chrissi said...

like the 4 sister smackdown?

yes please.

Jacqueline M said...

um I almost just had a fight with Cameo and Gabes and they werent even home..I just looking for a white V neck that I swear I just hung up in my closet but couldnt find i might have been about to go upstairs and start tearing apart their rooms in search for said shirt but then i found it...on my floor. The End.

Ps. 2 night gabes and I got in a fight over the remote cuz I wanted to watch ghost whisperer and she wanted to watch vampire diares that we ALREADY watched...we might have issues.