Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Only in Utah.

So, I was being nice and helping to hand out candy on Halloween. I had been doing this for about an hour when this older creepy guy (with his grandkids) tells me I have nice boots (like, duh, what other kind would I have) and then says 'I have a treat for you'. (Don't worry, he didn't flash me or anything.) He hands me this yellow piece of paper with some candy attached to it.

I just shut the door and walked into the kitchen (threw the candy away) and read the note. You can read it too:

It says:

"I SERVE those that are looking for innovative ideas to bring YOUR family back to the table, spending more quality time together, increasing your income. I can help with any of these and MORE. Thank you, please give me a call, email or visit my website...I hope someone is PAMPERING you today, because I would LOVE to!"

And then it has her name and contact info.

OK, first of all, who helped her write this? Seriously, like it doesn't even make sense.

I was 'so' upset that someone was soliciting on Halloween. Apparently they missed the GIANT 'NO SOLICITING' sign that I made and put on the front door (another post in itself).

So, being that I am Dani-lee and I don't let things like this go without inserting my 2 cents, I emailed the lady. My email:

Dear Cheryl,
We received a note from you tonight regarding your Pampered Chef business aspirations. It is very embarassing that you would be soliciting yourself on a night that is designed for children to have fun. We would hope that you would take this into consideration and never solicite on a holiday again.

Concerned Neighbor

I have not heard back from Cheryl. (Unfortunately, because we all know I love a good confrontation.)

*I really wish that I was making this all up, but I'm not.


Emily said...

OMG danielle, you DID NOT really write that did you? Holy balls.

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

and now she has your email address...=0) expect the next sales flyer in your inbox soon!

chrissi said...

Oh Danielle, that would only happen to you, you attract weirdness for some reason.