Saturday, April 5, 2008


So, I went to the game last night. It was luxury and amazing. Our seats were like 5 rows behind the Jazz. The fact that I totally don't know how to take good pictures is very evident. I need help. So, I should have had good pics, but this is what I wound up with.
Poor Ronnie B. It's probably really hard for him to sit and watch. But, he totally needs to get better for the playoffs. Also, he's a sharp dresser and that's luxury.
KK's brothers were there. They look a lot like KK.
Ok, so I know that the mascot is the Jazz Bear, but there was this little Jazz Cub sitting in the front row. I don't know why and it was a bit creepy.
I was so into the game I completely forgot to take pics when the Jazz were shooting down on my end. Oh well.
Yeah, I was so close.

So, anyway here our my thoughts/observations on the game:

-I totally locked eyes with Memo, CJ and Fesenko (who is goofy and watches the crowd most of the game). I was giving CJ the "you're amazing, keep up the good work" look. And to Memo the "you have a funny haircut, but you're the Money Man" look.

-Getting 4 Korver's for the price of 1 is very luxury. Definitely worth the expensive ticket. Thanks Daddy!

-Andrei's wife sits across from the bench and does some kinds of weird sign language to him during the game.

-There are a lot of posers that sit in the lower bowl. Come on, you live in Utah. Get over yourself.

-The Jazz defense in the 3rd was AWESOME.

-I was surprised at how low scoring the Spurs were. 64 points??? Are we sure we weren't playing Miami last night?

-Unfortunately I didn't hear Jerry drop any F bombs. But, my neighbor and an older lady a few rows away had some rather interesting things to say. Also, did you hear the guys yelling out "Parker's a pussy"? Innapropriate. They should have been boo-ing Manu "The Effing Flopper" Ginobili.

-Did anyone else hear the chants for MVP when Deron was shooting free-throws? Of course I joined in. I think a lot more people read BBJ than we think.

-I yelled out "GO CJ!!" when he came off the bench. I know he heard me and totally knocked down a 3-pointer.

-I was really worried when Deron went back to the locker room at the end of the 1st because right after one of the trainers came out and headed into the stands. I thought maybe he was trying to find Deron's wife cause something was wrong. But, everything was fine and Deron came back and did his thing the rest of the game.

-AK played really well last night. He was more than half way to a triple double.

-Matt missing 4 lay-ups in the 4th quarter, even in a blow-out, is unacceptable.

-Jerry should have pulled Matt and put CJ in a lot earlier.

-I'm really scared for the game in San Antonio now. It'll either be amazing or terrifying.

-BEST part of the night, I got to high-5 Deron, AK, and KK when they walked into the tunnel. That's luxury.

Overall, it was an awesome game. I really don't think I'll go again this year unless I can get 1st row tickets because not much could beat my seats from last night!!

I was thinking that this will probably be the last Jazz game I attend for like 5 years, not because I wouldn't love to go, but because I'll be in Dental school far away. That makes me sad. But, there's alway Christmas break. And at least it ended on a very high note. Good game boys, and thanks for not breaking my heart.

P.S. My mom and sister totally saw my Dad and I on t.v. That's luxury.


Paige said...

Why on earth are you going to Dental School??? You are smart and hot -- you should get a job with ESPN. You remember WAY too much from that game. I always leave remembering that I had to pee twice and that the guy next to me smelled like beer. And maybe who won. I'm glad you had a good time! I can't wait to (hopefully) see you next week!

momof2furballs said...

I'm just shocked you said the P word! Even my potty mouth doesnt' say that word.

chrissi said...

Danielle said a dirty word
Danielle said a dirty word

i'm telling

Birdee said...

DANIELLE! You are one of the funniest people I know for real! They really do need you at EVERY game so they can blow the competition out of the water. SO, don't go to dental school...