Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mixed Nuts, Huntington and BYU

So, I just got back from a wonderful weekend in Cali. (Sidenote: according to Chrissi I am not aloud to name a daughter California. Whatever to you.) It was so nice to get out of Utah, even if it was just for the weekend. My Jazz blew one of the games here, so they play game 5 tonight in Houston. It kind of sucks, but at least I get to watch more games. So, they day Jac and I left, Peter called me and said one of his roommates who's parents live around the corner from us was bringing something over. Peter got us all gifts, which was very nice of him. He got Jac a princess towel, Camille "AWKARD"marine and Gabs a Tinkerbell poster. He got me a can of mixed nuts. At first I was like WTF. Random. And then like 10 seconds later I totally bursted out laughing cause I got the inside joke.Peter came with me to my office Christmas Party (which was after Christmas, awkward!) back in December. We did a gift exchange, and everybody got each other nice gifts. I got a bunch of Bath & Body stuff, and so did a lot of other people. Then, one person opened their gift and it was just a can of mixed nuts. Everyone just sat there and it was very awkward. The person who gave the gift was like 'we decided to go small this year'. Ok, that's fine, but go small with a $5 gift card, so it doesn't make you look stupid. Peter and I gave each other 'the look'. Afterward on the way home that is all we talked about. It was seriously one of the funniest/awkward situations I have ever witnessed.
Jac and I went down to Huntington on Sunday. It was a beautiful day to cruise around with the top down. I drove all over and didn't get lost once. (Thanks to Don and his navigator thing.) I also think I have a natural navigation system in my head, so I guess that it doesn't really matter that the one in my BMW is busted.

On a side note, when I flew home last night I forgot to take my pepper spray out of my backpack to give to Jac before I left. I realized this about 2 hours later when I was on the plane. To my surprise, the TSA didn't even see it, which is really quite scary. I would have just thrown it away, but they didn't catch it. It makes you wonder what else is slipping through the cracks.
Finally, I started at BYU today. UGH. I am just not cut out for the BYU experience. There were a lot of BYU's down at Long Beach last night waiting to get on the plane and watching them made me sick. They are all like way too young to be married and having children. I saw a girl who I graduated high school with 3 years ago and she was married and pregnant. First, I was grossed out and then I just felt really sorry for her that she is like set with her life. I'm sure she's happy, but what could she have done in her life already, and now she's tied down for the next 30 years. I'm just very glad I'm not married right now, and especially not pregnant. I have a lot that I want to do and I think those things should be saved for later.

That's just my little rant. I promise I'm not anti-marriage or anti-children, I just want to go out and live my life for a while before I start down that path. Why oh why does going to BYU get me so agitated?? Haha. Go Jazz tonight!!


Grandma Holly said...

You probably I didnt know how to blog. amy told how to do it. This is fun. I hope Byu was fun. I think it will take time to get ajusted. I bet you miss Jacqueline. You are so cute. I love you.

momof2furballs said...

nuts - random!?

BYU - not my cup of tea either. God be with you! lol!

Amy said...

Jackie, you crack me up!
It's so amazing to see how far you have come with your schooling...you are kickin' butt!

4WheelinDemon said...

Well if they're married. They're probably happy. There's nothing wrong with BYU

Jenn S. said...

Don't be a hater. You know you are related to a bunch of cougs so you know we have to represent on the blog! But thankfully, we don't count ourselves at Zoobies. ;)

Hooray for Huntington with the top down - nice.

PS- I got married when I was 21 (but almost 22) am I weird? (be honest). (okay don't).

Peter - I love you.

Jenn S. said...

D - I was totally kidding, I'm secure in my weirdness. xoxo

I agree, I am so glad we were married for four years before we had Savvy - I've never had *any* regrets.

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

...did you have a milkshake from RUBY's...it's in the pic...man, i miss those shakes. have fun with byu!