Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where my Party People at??

So, it's 2 in the a.m. Jac and I are just hanging in my room studying for finals. Tomorrow a 1 I will be a very happy girl. Hopefully this will be the last all nighter I pull for quite a while. haha. Helping to get us through the night: diet coke, listening to 'Party People' by Nelly, and every now and then taking breaks to goof off. If only Jac would let me make a video right now, but she won't let me have her camera. It's probably good, cause we look scary. I am also trying to navigate BYU's website to get everything figured out for my 1 class I have to take this summer. It is SO confusing, I'm amazed that the BYU's can figure it out.

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Birdee said...

At least you weren't drunken texting...LOL.